what do you count as the start of your period?

sorry really silly question but im not sure when to start counting as i think i have my af but its so light that i dont know if i can say its even started yet!
friday and saturday i had light pink discharge, sunday a tiny bit of blood and today a little bit of blood!

this is not like my normal periods, i dont even need to wear a pad, its so light.

i just need to know when to start counting so i can work out when to start using an opk



  • I've read that you should count the first day of af as the day you first see red blood. So if you spotted brown for a day or so that wouldn't count. However, I can see why you are confused. Have you just come off the pill? Or have you started ttc and could this be implantation bleeding???
  • first day cd1 is the day of red blood and full flow and not spotting chick xx
  • hey beancatcher, i came off pill in june and have been bd regularly, light pink discharge started on friday and have done 5 tests all BFN!
    i think its my period tbh, its my first proper af since coming off pill so probably why its light.
    if it never gets any heavier would i still count CD1 as they day i got light pink discharge?
  • sometimes your lining comes away just slightly before full flow it sounds like that to me chick,if i were you i would just wait and see but wouldnt start trying to guess what was cd1 if it wasnt if that makes sense x
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