how many months ttc are you on?

I'm on month 5 ttc no. 1. getting bored now.


  • Month 13 after 3 mc's and im VERY bored of it now! x
  • im on month 1, and im far too impatient. I will get bored very quickly. I dont like not being able to control things, and this is the most important thing in your life, and you cant control one bit of it!!!! Frustrating! i want it now!!!! image

    But it will come when it supposed to!! Its worth it! Keep going!!!!!!
  • Month 7 ttc no.2 and I have lots of **PMA**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck girls x x x
  • mth 4 for us!!

    not bored yet, just trying different things every mth!!
    i'm never one to sit back and wait for things to drop into my lap so to speak!!

    so this mth trying reflexology and relaxing, not counting days or using ov sticks or BBT.

    also trying to lose a bit of weight this mth as well!!!
    that could keep me busy for ages yet!! lol!!

    good luck to everyone!!
  • Hi

    Month 15 for me and im fed up! lol

    Got my first fertility clinic appointment next week so heres hoping i get some answers.

    good luck to you all.

  • Month 4 ttc after mmc in feb and I am VERY VERY bored too!!!!
    I never thought it would be this hard!!
    Good luck everyone.
  • I'm on 2nd month although i'm giving it plenty of time and hope to be pg by september. Going with the flow at the minute and trying not to take it too seriously. Due to OV around 8th and we will be away for the weekend so who nows !!!! Lots of lovin: lol
  • First month for us and am already bored image LOL

    K xx
  • MOnth 4 for us, well month 3 really coz we didnt ttc last month (tummy bug had perfect timing), ttc no 3

    Good luck to everyone & lots of sticky babydust xx
  • Month 21 for us and soooooo bored of it!! Fingers crossed it will be our turn soon.

    Good luck girls!

  • Month 13 for us after 2 miscarriages.

    Hopefully 3rd time lucky !!

    Good luck to all

  • month 4 of ttc 1st.
  • Month3 ttc no.1 and I am more frustrated than I have EVER been. I need to have had baby or be only very slightly pg by next sept as my sis is getting married abroad and I need to be able to fly, I thought I had loads of time but it is stressing me a bit!
  • 3/4's of the way through Month No 2. Came off the pill beg of March but first month was a flop due to moving back from Malaysia and so I think we only BD'd twice so dont count that one! 7 days until I can test and until I find out if we will be starting Month no 3 pregnant or not pregnant!

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  • Just coming to the end of month 5, and about to go into month 6 for us TTC our first! Getting a bit fed up now!

  • Month 9 for us try for no. 1
  • Hi im on month 7 of ttc my second one.A 9 yr age gap though! God what am i letting myself in for but hoping my boy will be a good help to me:\)

    annette xx
  • Attempt number 4 coming up out of 5 cycles since starting!!!
  • Month 13 for us soooooo fed up
  • I'm going to come off the pill this time and then hopefully get started!!!

    I'm excited but scared too!!
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