HELP!!! Symptom Spotting

Hi Ladies, I have been ttc 4 for 2nd month now and I hv the following symptoms this month;

1. I had a tiny amount of brown spotting on 1dpo. Then nothing,
2. I hv had constant twinges in my abdomen since OV.
3. I had a few naueous moments at 1 - 5 dpo. Then nothing,
4, I had a metallic taste in my mouth for 2 days in the begining of this wek. Then nothing.
5. I am on 14dpo now and my bb's are slightly sore today.
6. I should be due for af on this Sat.

Do you think there is any chance?


  • I also forgot, I hv been having heartburn for the whole of this week too!
  • Im due on Saturday as well and 8dpo. Its hard to tell. I have had some cramps too but no sore bbs or metallic taste, but then it may still be quite early.

    Good luck for your bfp. Are you testing Saturday?
  • yes, i am going to test on Sat with fmu. joining me? anyone else?
  • Might do. I am going to see if I spot first (cos I spotted the 2 days before af happened last month). Plus I might see if I have any af feelings before tomorrow evening as well.
  • plylau....did you test? xx
  • hi can you help with metallic taste i have had a funny taste in my mouth all week but dont know if its metallic or not?? x
  • Have you tested yet, you must have done if you were using FMU.............
  • Yes I tested on Sat morning and unfortunately bfn....... but funnily enough my af hasn't arrived yet. I still hv a glimmer of hope but i just know the wicked witch will want to visit me once again this month.... anyhow, try again next month. PMA to all.
  • This is for Lilyrose, the metallica taste is very hard to describe becos we don't actually eat metal but i will try to describe as best as I can... i guess its like a bland taste with a bit of foil in your mouth if that makes any sense....
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