Hi girls I am in such a great mood today I wanted to share my PMA. There has been so many good posts about BFP. The sun is out and i am loving it ;0)

PMA to all of you ;0)



  • big up the PMA i have tonns too. Its a lovely day and May definatly seems to be a great month so far!! x
  • me too!!
    so many good things are happening to me this has been the best week since started ttc!!

    as i've already mentioned oh has proposed, so now i'm engaged AND i've just been on the phone with a recruitment company that want to speak with me, they have a position they think i would be good at and say its a better salery, will find out details later but they called me!!!! thats never happened to me before its usually me doing the hunting!!

    so maybe i'm not pg yet as its meant to be!!! i am a firm beleiver that everything happens for a reason!!!

    sprinkling PMA all around!!! good luck to us all!!!
  • I know girls it's graet eh, danipink I am so pleased for you planning a wedding is soooo much fun. I got married 5 months ago so if you need any help or advice at all please give me a shout.

    It's funny as this will be our first month of trying but I have a really funny feeling it wont happen this first month as I only came off the pill two weeks ago and had my my last pill bleed, but I feel ok about it. i am still going to bd tonight and then eveery other day but I am ok about it image

    K xxx
  • I have lots too, think it must be the weather-I've been gardening all afternoon, so [email protected] now but all these bfps really boost your spirits dont they!!
  • I know it makes you feel so good, I am so pleased for them as well I am putting myself in thier shoes, they must be on top of the worldimage

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