period for 1 day?

Hi all,

I am new to this. I am trying for a baby, and i only had my period for 1 day this month, i have taken a test and it was negative, should i try again in a few days?? has this happened to anyone else??



  • .......please has this happened to anyone?? can i still be pregnant?
  • Was the AF day when you expected it to be or was it early? It could have been implantation bleeding perhaps. Are your cycles regular?x
  • That happened to me. I now have a 4 month old daughter!!
    Best of luck

    Lisa xxx
  • thanks for replying girls, my periods are regular since coming off the pill in July, but this is the first time I have only had a period for 1 day. It was still quite heavy and on the expected date. Done a test today and it was negative.

    Lisao: what happened in your situation?

  • so have you had a little bit of bleeding, where you thought it was your period??
  • I came off the pill july 08. had 1st af as expected, 2nd lasted about 3 weeks, then a normal one then spotting once or twice in the week after ov , then what i thought was af for a day (got a bfn 2 days before) didnt test again for about 4 days and then got a very strong bfp on fr but it was about 20 days after ov at that stage. Hope that makes sense, typing one handed!!
  • Just had to look up all the acronyms image I guess I'll wait and test again in a few days to see if I get a BFP this time!

    Thanks! x
  • Thats all you can do chick, really hope its your bfp.

    Lisa xxx
  • Hi hun,

    This is similar to my situation I have been off pill since end of June, had withdrawal bleed then period but last 2 months have had a period when expected but on af day and af went rogue after an hour.

    I went to the docs and she said it is probably unlikely that I am pregnant if its happened to me for my last 2 cycles but she said I should wait and see what happens next cycle and then do another test i.e. wait another month omg can you believe it.

    Oh and I should add we only came off protection mid nov so before that we were using condoms as hubby didnt want to start trying for a baby straight after we got married.

    The bleed I have noticed is lighter than a period bleed and like I said its just been when i wipe but when I put a tampon in and then take it out there is no flow there.

    Let me know how you get on as I would be interested to know seen as how my situation is just as baffling!!

    Good luck hun xx
  • Hey sweetie,

    Right, so that does sound very like me. my periods have been lighter and only lasting 2/3 days, but never just one day....that's why i thought, i might be pregnant. Also i have a back ache, but no sore boobs or feeling sick.

    I am going to try a test again Sunday, really wish it's a bfp!!!!

    I am so desperate for children.

    I am 28 and my husband is 34, we got married 4th July(this is when you joined!!!!) we have been together for 5 years, we are both ready for chiuldren, i know it takes time but i just want it to happen!!!!

    I will let you know. And good luck

  • this happened to me too, Im trying not to read into it and will wait see what happens next month (just dont want to get my own hopes up)
    good luck to you will be looking out to see how you get on
  • Hay ladys. My af plays about sometimes comes 1 day goes 1 day then gets me good and proper a day later
    Hope your get you BFP very soon x

    Month 16 TTC #2

    Gems xx
  • Hi haribo,

    Just to update you I had another bleed this morning when I wiped this has now gone awol, I feel like my af is here as feel wet down below just went to toilet and wiped and brownish cm now!!

    Got my hopes up and tested but not with FMU as late evening hoping for that xmas BFP and BFN again!!

    I just dont know whats goin on, does anyone know when I should test again should I wait a few more days, would the hormone not be there by now.

    Also ov around 7th Dec is this not too late for implantation bleed as am now 17DPO!!

    Merry Xmas and try not to let it ruin your day xx
  • Hey,

    Took another preg test and it was a BFN! and i found out one my friends is pregnant - i hate her!!!! nevermind i will keep tgrying.

    Hope you all had a great Christmas.

    Carla x x
  • Hey hun, am sure you dont hate her but its hard for you to accept because you want it so much, same thing happened to me on the day af was due I went round with hubby to a friends house to be told they are pregnant 9wks to be precise and I just burst out crying because I have been through the mill these last 2 weeks and its only month 1 of trying and I know it can take up to 12 months so I have given myself a good talking too and am going to try and prepare myself now for the disappointment each month until I get my BFP.

  • Hi, i got my BFP today!!!!!!
  • hey haribo1! can i ask what this period was like? mine has done this to me this month... tested at 13 dpo and BFN, started spotting on 14dpo late in the eve bled for one day with some clotty stuff as normal (sorry tmi!) then brown the next day and now nada!!!!! thanks! x

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  • Congrats!!!

    So that means that last months was a period even though it was only one day?!

  • Congratulations hun, how many dpo did you actually wait until your BFP showed??

    Confusing eh, super huge congratulations to you and hope you have a H&H 9 months xx
  • congrats Haribo- have you done a cbd to test how pregnant you are?
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