Help!! So confused!!

Hi ladies,

I wonder if any of you can help shed some light on this as I am baffled!!

Me and OH had our baby girl in sept 09 and decided to start ttc again 2 months ago. AF's returned to normal 2 months after giving birth. AF was due April 11th and after a week still didn't arrive so tested and got BFN!!

AF still hasn't arrived and have had 3 BFN's but did an OV test on thursday and friday and got smiley's on both days!! BD both nights just in case but am not sure what to do now!!

Do I wait 2 weeks to see what happens or go see my GP tomorrow!! This is the first time I have experienced anything like this!!

Thanks for reading

Sarah xx


  • Hi

    If you got positive opks then you must have got a surge for ovulation.

    How many days is your af normally?? I would say wait 2 weeks and then test

    Or is your af late, i cant quite understand what your saying cos if your af is late and your not due ov you could be predicting pregnancy on your opks


  • Hey,

    Thanks for replying.

    AF is 2 weeks late now which is why I can't understand getting a positive on OPK!! But the HPT is coming back BFN!!

    Unless I just missed this months AF and am OV'ing early!!

    Have no idea

    Sarah xx
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