Hi all,
This month I have started to use a CBFM that I got on ebay. Last months my cycle was 28days. I am CD13 and it is still reading low! Is this right? It has been asking me to poas since CD9. I am getting really down. we have been bding every other day since CD10 and will continue to do so until I get a high or a peak. I know everyone hates the 2ww but I think the first bit where you cant actually do anything is the worse. All I can think about it CBFM, ov, and sex. I have so much uni work to do for my masters but my brain is just mush and I just want to scream.

Sorry for moaning. Could my CBFM be broken?


  • Hi MrsMel,

    It's normal...don't worry! I was exactly the same this month using my CBFM for the first time and freaking out a bit when I wasn't seeing any highs. I think I got a high on CD14, 15 and 16 and then highs on 17 and 18. Remember it's only your first month and the monitor needs to get used to your cycle.
    Last month I couldn't find any highs at all with the CB OPKs!

    I think you should just try to put it out of your mind for today (says she who has spent the morning watching Portland Babies!!!) and relax until tomorrow. It will happen!!!! Get yourself busy with work for your masters. I know exactly how frustrating it is when you want something so badly but unfortunately Mother Nature has a will of her own!

    Let me know how it goes and hang in there!

  • Hiya didn't want to r&r but your cbfm should have asked you go start poas from cd6. There's a possibility it hasn't been reset from the person you bought it from? Other factors to take into account are how long you've stopped taking the pill as your cycles may not be settled yet. I didn't get a peak until cd19 on my first month.

    For now I would keep bding every other day a d you might just catch that egg! Good luck x
  • Thanks for your replies! I am trying to work now but as you can see I am back on here! How do I reset it for next cycle?
    I hope I do get some highs but will just BD as much as possible at the moment!
    How long have you been using CBFM for ?
  • It sounds perfectly normal to me - I used CBFM when ttc my ds and got my BFP on cycle 2. I have just got it out again as we are ttc no.2 and this is my first month using it again - I am on day 12 and still on low! But I know my cycles are about 33 days so would not expect to see a change for a couple more days - I know its frustrating but keep peeing on those sticks and you will see movement soon!

    If you do need to do a complete reset the instructions are on the very back page I think - but bare in mind this will erase everyhting!

    Keep us posted
  • It does sound like it needs resetting. I was asked to poas from CD6 on first cycle then CD9 on the second cycle.

    Also, just soemthing to bear in mind; I got no highs this cycle before suddenly getting a peak on CD15. Apparently, this can happen if the oestregen isn't detected until LH is also present.
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