Low to Peak - advice needed please

Hi all,

I haven't posted in here for ages but am still very much TTC (month 5) and using my CBFM without fail and so far, i haven't had reason to doubt it...usually get 3-5 days of highs and then a peak around cd15-18...

...anyway, this month, i had 2 days of lows, cd9-10 but then cd11, totally out of the blue, i had a peak and then one on cd12...no highs :\?

I'm confused.com...i usually get EWCM during the highs but haven't noticed any this month.

We have BD'd to cover all bases but i'm not entirely convinced it's genuine...the way i feel today is that ov is approaching, it's not happened yet.

I was taking B6 the last 4 months and aspirin (following mc's) but stopped in the new year...i don't know if that has affected it? I wouldn't have though so...

Has anyone else had a low to peak?

Thanks girls! :\)


  • I had low to peak in my first mth of using CBFM, but my peaks were around when I was expecting to OV...

    Sorry if that wasn't much help but just to say that it is possible. xx
  • I bought my cbfm after my MC. 1st 2 cycles using it got 5-6highs then peaks. 3rd cycle i went straight from low to peak. at time I was worried it might be a flase positive coz I'd been out at work at night and wee'd at 3am, then 'fmu' for the cbfm was at 6:30. but it was the month I got my bfp (5+4 today). so it could still happen for you this month.

    Good luck!!
  • Hi SF, just wanted to say hi :\) I haven't spoken to you for ages. How are the wedding preparations going?

    Hope you're ok x x x
  • OMG minieggs, was just thinking about you...just saw a post to CeilidahA from you!! Jinx!

    I'm fine thanks chick...this ttc malarky is taking longer than i'd hoped, really wanted to be pg for my wedding but it wasn't to be...

    ...the wedding is this Friday!! Cannot believe it...so excited! everything is pretty organised and as long as the snow fecks off after tonight, all will be grand. Was hoping for a honeymoon baby maybe but look like my body had other ideas with ov!! Lol!!

    How are you doing? Gecko said you have a pink bump...massive congrats!! Half way through too...how exciting!

    Fingers crossed i'll get my BFP before you have your baby...

    Lots of love lovely,

    TSF x x x
  • Also, thanks for you help girls...esp gemgems, maybe this month will be it!! Congrats on your BFP :\)
  • Ooh how exciting, this Friday! I hope the snow is well gone by then. Where are you going on honeymoon? Ah well it'll be project little fairy after the honeymoon then, a perfect way to spend your time as newlyweds ;\)

    I'm good thanks, yep i have a pink miniegglet who is kicking more and more in there! x
  • Ah that's so lush minieggs...it's your little pink belly fruit :\)

    We're off to the Maldives...just a touch warmer than here thankgod, all packed and ready to go. It'll be fab!

    Eurgh, go AWAY snow!!! I know i wanted a winter wedding but this is something else...

    Big (((hugs))) to you and miniegglet...can't wait to see pics of the new arrival...that wont be long x x x
  • Wowsers great choice, you'll have a fab time, just what is needed after all this cold weather!

    Oh i know the time is really ticking now, trying too get organised! ah i haven't heard/used 'belly fruit' for a while, i'll have to remind hubby!

    Have a fab wedding and honeymoon hun and the very finest sticky baby dust to you!

    Love and hugs from minieggs & let! x x x
  • Good luckwith the wedding..... In terms of low to peak - I hadthis too. You will always get two peaks on CBFM - I would stop POAS and save them for next month / to give to someone else when you give away your CbFM after you get your honeymoon BFP !!!
  • thanx hun. Hope the wedding is fabulous. We went to maldives for our honey moon and it was amazing. hope you have a brill time!!
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