How is everybody feeling today?

Well i think that says it allimage

How are you feeling today?

k xx


  • Mostly good, although my oh annoyed me a bit yesterday. We saw a baby on tv and I said 'I wonder when I'll get pregnant' and he just said 'I don't want to worry about it' and changed the subject. I have not said much about it recently because I don't want him to feel under unnecessary pressuer but it seems like I can't mention it AT ALL, which is rubbish. I know he wants to have a baby because we talk about things in the future and always consider whether we'll have a baby by then, but he doesn't seem to be interested in talking about the nitty gritty of it. Just annoyed me a bit.
  • I'm not too bad today but I'm with you, Lulabellarama! My DH really wants a baby but he can't seem to understand that we have to bd at the right times each month! He feels the pressure too and I'm not sure how to deal with it.

    He knows that I am due to ov around two weeks after my af so I can't really hide it from him! I was due to ov on Sunday and we managed to bd on Wednesday and Sunday but I really want to make sure we bd tonight but I can pretty much guarantee he'll be 'too tired' or something!

    Why can't they just understand that it has to be done to get the end result!!

  • At least mine doesn't even know when I should be ov, so I can make it all seem spontaneous. I really understand that they feel the pressure, just seems a shame not to enjoy the whole ttc thing as a couple.
  • Men handle these this in different ways to us girls. My hubby has wanted a baby since we got together it was always me saying no but now we are trying he hardly talks about it.

    At first I got really upset but he told me he does not want to think about it or talk about it because he does not want it to become our whole life and also he does not want to put all that extra pressure on us.

    He said it finds it hard seeing me getting upset or wondering why my body is doing this and that and it's hard for him to talk about it.

    I can see where you are both coming from trust me, I felt just the same but men are different from us girls.

    K xxx
  • a bit mixed.
    My friend is preg with twins, which is aww, but not fair, but aww.....
    My MIL is nagging..... which is frustrating but nothing can be done this month so not worth worrying about

    Not stressed with ttc this month as we havent got a chance, so no urge to POAS (well there is but it would be pointless as apparantly you have to have sex to get pg)

    Gonna be in a national newspaper so am excited waiting for the journolist to ring......

    On the whole, pretty normal! image
  • Why are you in the newspaper SY? Anything exciting and which one so we can all buy it!!!
  • we responded to the web eds thing about miracle grow stuff.... cant say much more till i've spokent to the jouralist, as thyve only just decided to run it..... Will tell all when i can do image

  • Sy thats fab news woo hoo you lucky thing, let us know more when you can image

  • well. i feel like s***. lol. its first day of af (withdrawal beeld) and i feel bloody awfull. on the up side i am now well on my wayto ttc so that good.

    how exciting s.y.
  • Thats great though Angeielisa as now you can start trying and it's all exciting image

    K xx
  • hiya everyone! not very many happy people is there and i am not that happy either! I dont feel like i am not hopeful of getting bfp this month even though i have tried really hard to get all the right days. But when i was pregnant with my first i knew strtaight away and i do not feel anything this time. Not due to test until 3rd july but just not much pma today!!! must be tuesday blues.....
  • im getting impatient! i want this next week to fly by so i can poas!! i could do it today but have my daughter with me and she wants to know everything you are doing so going to try and hold of until next week when af is due. didnt know i was pregnant with daughter for quite a while so ive no idea when i would have got a bfp with her. Hubby seems happy with the way thinbgs are going with ttc except i am so tired to do anymore bd/gernal sex! why does ttc have an effect on your sex drive? anyone else to tired? or is it just me?
  • hiya girls! I'm quite happy today, on 5/6 dpo and had a funny tugging feeling behind belly button that I'm reading alot into!!!! I also got a high rating for timing of bd for this month on fertility friend for the first time, so I'm reading lots into that also. will be testing at some point between sunday and tuesday. work sucks though, clients being unrealistic blah blah blah.
  • hi all i feel tired still. still needing to brush my teeth before i am fully awake other wise i will be sick (tmi) headache still here feel sick still pains in my groin feel as if they are loose but i got a bfn but i think its still to early lol and i have pcos but after that on top of the world.When i speck about babys my oh says stop going on but he knows how much it upsets me i just can not stop tho
  • oh yeah my oh said put some sexy underwear on tonight lol because he wants a bay lol so much for not wanting to talk about it
  • I'm feeling good today. I got a job yesterday (just one term of maternity cover, but better than supply teaching) and I'm not having the crappy af symptoms i had last month so that's an improvement. Got 6 days to go til i test and i'm not feeling like we've done it but i'm ok about that as long as af pain stays away!!! PMA to all.
    **dg throws handfuls of pma in all directions**
  • dg i think we all need that pma we all sound like a right bunch of grumps dont we. i will just be happy when af goes and i can start bdancing and get this ttc kicked off. i have no bloody patience god knows how i am going to manage a 2 week wait.
  • some of my 2ww have been torture and others (like this one so far) are ok. Think it depends on what symptoms i get. Lots last month made me get my hopes up but this month with hardly any twinges (except one night of nasty pain that kept me awake!!!) I don't think we've done it so i don't think about it all the time!! Also i'm very busy this week and last months wait was over half term so i had loads of spare time to symptom spot. God i'm rambling!!
    dg shuts up and chucks more pma around
  • I feel a little dizzy and lightheaded today. Due to ov sometime today, tomorrow or thursday. Wont know til tomorrow if donor is available this month at all and if he is it'll have to be tomorrow. Funny thing is that I'm not stressing about it-if he can do it great but if he cant theres nothing I can do about it except for wait for next month. I persuaded myself yesterday that it'll happen eventually and I'm not too old-LOL !!!!
    Congrats on job dg-bet it'll be nice to have something of a reasonable length.
  • Hi all. sorry I'm another grumpy one, I am 1 week post EVAC and after almost stopping bleeding on sat I have realy strong pains and bright red bleeding (tmi sorry) and when OH asked what was wrong last night and I toold him, he said I'd put him off his toasted muffin and jam! He bloody asked!!
    Also my nanny died last night so whole family is feeling it a bit what with my mc last week and now this. I was erally strong over my problems and trying to be supportive and brave for mum but it's dificult. I've always been a pick myself up, dust myself off and start again sort of person.
    Thought I'd cheer myself up and work out when I next ov, well I want to leave it til we go on holiday in 8 weeks and all being well we could, however it's a week on a narrow boat with MIL.
    What's that song lyric "Don't rock the boat baby!"

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