Advice Please

Hi Ladies,

Really could do with some advice and reassurance please

My last three cycles have been:
29 days - peaks on cd14&15
24 days - peaks on cd10 &11
30 days - peaks on cd15&16

This month my clear blue fertility monitor told me I had peaks on cd10&11 which was last Thurs and Fri. My husband works away during the week and had to come home when I told him I had a peak last Thursday but we managed to bd on cd10,11 and 12!

My question is at the time I did not have any symptoms of imminent ovulation on cd10 &11 and I am wondering if I am only ovulating now on CD15 since I think I have slightly tender boobs and possibly some ewcm? Is is very hard to tell but I could have imagined a slight cramp in my abdomen this morning.

Any ideas should I trust the cbfm or not? I would like to as it makes thing very difficult with my husband away to know if he needs to come home or not. I am worried we have our timings all off if I cannot rely on it.

Your thoughts would be appreciated

Thank you


  • Well I say trust the cbfm! That's what they are there for, and as you have had peaks on those days before it's not like it was out of the ordinary. xx Good Luck
  • Thank you Moon and Stars for your reply,
    Just thought it was odd to get symptoms now when the monitor has been saying low since Sunday.
    If I didn't have the monitor I could have sworn I would be fertile now as wasn't really in the mood last week if you know what I mean!
  • so many people swear by their CBFMs its probably right. If you want to double check you could get an OV kit from tescos or somewhere and see if the ov stick says a positive too...
  • Bleurgh, thank you. Yes I suppose I could do that. Unforunately will not be able to get to the shops for a few days. So may have to leave it to next month. I hope the cbfm knows better than I do!
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