Please don't let AF come today....

Hey girls, I'm CD 31 and due for AF today - don't seem to have any usual symptoms though, I have back ache, but don't normally get that and usually get terrible cramping all day on the day of AF.

I tested on CD 29 and it was a BFN, but I'm just hoping that I can wait til tomorrow and try to test again, as long as AF hasn't come!!

Crikey, fingers crossed!!! I can't believe how many BFPs there have been - such good news xxxx


  • My fingers are crossed huni...sounds promising so farimage keep us all postedimagexxx
  • Thanks hun, ah the tension is just too much!! How is it all going for you?xx
  • Well I'm on month 9image but I got my 1st peak today, and I'm off work with my oh visiting family, so having a lovely stressfree timeimage my oh's shifts always seem to get in the way, as he works away 3days per week, but we have managed to bd at all the right times this monthimage let's hope aug could be our month? Xxx
  • Me and OH have been casually trying - basically I have been off the pill since end of Feb/March and we haven't been charting or anything like that. However, I am defo going to start doing it in the next couple of months, as I can't wait any longer!! xx
  • oooh good luck x
  • Good Luck hon xx
  • Hi lollylupin ,

    I am exactly the same as you, CD31 today. I'm 15dpo, and sooo hoping AF stays away for me too. Also had a BFN on CD29.

    When will you test if AF doesn't show? I'm going to try and hold out until Saturday, but think the witch will show up today or tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed for you. I'll keep an eye out for a BFP announcement...image


  • Hey Mummy-wannabe!! Ah great, a cycle buddy, I haven't had one as yet, but if it's not our month, then we should deffo keep the old pma going between us!

    I'm going to try and do the same as you and hold out til Saturday, crikey that is going to be difficult. I also have a feeling the witch is going to show now, had a few little twinges down there.... I'm just trying to keep as positive as possible!

    Good luck to both of us!! How long have you been trying for? Are you cycles alwasy the same? xx
  • Hey,
    This would be our first bubba, and we've been trying since may, so only our 3rd cycle, but it has been the longest 3 months of my life.

    Waiting until saturday is going to be hard, but i sooo don't want to see anymore lonely single lines on the tests. Dealing with AF is easier than seeing them. My cycles always were regular at 29 days, but then started trying and i had a 46 day one and then a 17 day, so not so regular anymore.

    I've got cramps today, but i've been having them for about a week now, and i've had really sore (.Y.) so bad i had to sleep in my bra which i never usually do, and i've ben so tired too.

    All of that is helping keep the PMA going.

    FC for US then.

  • good luck hun! x
  • Morning lollylupin,

    Anything this morning? I'm certain AF is on her way, got quite bad cramps, but they're normal for me.

    FC for you xxx.

  • Hey mummy-wannabe.... still got nothing, apart from back ache. I have noticed sensitive nipples now and I'm sure my boobs are looking bigger and filling out my bra more - but this is prob just wishful thinking!! image
    I am so tempted to go and buy a test at lunch time, but want to hold out til Saturday if I can.
    It's still not too late for you though - not til AF is here!! xx
  • I thought my boobs were fuller (they're not huge, but not small normally 32DD) and they were really hurting me last week, but thats eased off now, so think it was my body playing with me. I'm 16dpo today, and have no idea how long my usual luteal phase is, so i'm at the "normal" limit today. I'm so hoping af doesn't come.

    Its sounding good for you though, If i'm ever tempted i just don't go anywhere near the shop, but i totally understand the urge to go and poas!

    Good luck if you do decide to go shopping at lunch...

  • Well just went a tested with a boots test and BFN... I'm guessing i'm prob out again this month... I wish I had just waited now until AF came and not wasted money on more tests! Who knows though, I may have totally misread when I ovulated and might still be in with a chance... xx
  • Sorry about your bfn... You're still in with a chance tho, its best with FMU, especially this early on.

    Still no af for me, she'll probably show up just before i go out for dinner tonight for our friends birthday.

    FC xxx.
  • Well I will wait and see what happens over the next few days - if and when I do test again, I will make sure it is with FMU! Oh hope AF does not come just before going out for dinner, isn't that always the way though?!! Have a good time xx
  • I knew it, started spotting just before we left, but its still only that, not full af yet. Its weird becasue i think i'll be upset when she comes every month, but i'm always ok with it in the end.

    Hope she stays away for you, i'll keep everything crossed.

  • Hey morning mummy-wannabe - sorry to hear AF finally got you, but I hope you had a nice dinner for your friend's birthday?! Well AF still isn't here.... did a test first thing and still a BFN! I know it's going to come, but I still have no period pain, all very odd... xx
  • We had a very nice dinner, thank you. Planning our group holiday for next year, which is exciting.

    I really hope af doesn't get you, and the fact that you're not getting any cramps is a good sign.

    I'll keep checking how you're doing this weekend.

  • Well Af came on Saturday..... Great! Now to start all over again..... Did you have a good weekend? x
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