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CD20, already ov'd, but ewcm?!

Hey ladies,
I'm now CD20 of 27/28 day cycle. I don't use OPKs but think I ovulated earlier in the week around 14/15 from my cm Yesterday and today I've had more ewcm, although it has been intermittent between more creamy, clumpy stuff. Has anyone else had ewcm this late in a cycle?

We have BD'd every day from 10 through to 18, but hubby not up to the job tonight as been drinking all day.

Any ideas? Am I ov'ing late? I might be able to get him on the job in the morning but fear it may be too late?

PS. First couple of days of AF was very light this month but I started counting. If I am counting wrong, the latest I am gonna be in my cycle is 18.

Thanks ladies - any advice would be great.
Lou x


  • Hi hun

    I too havent used OPK's this month but got ewcm this morning and have had a bit of creamy cm etc so think I ov today havent really had any ov pains tho but had a sore right boob!!

    I would say you have ov but think you still get ewcm afterwards too to help transport the egg to the sperm.

    Good luck but if you want to be sure I would get hubby on the job tomorrow morning he he!!

    We had a drunken fumble before as we have both been outside having a BBQ and a few drinks so we ended up in bed!!

  • Thanks SD, you're afternoon sounds like fun;-)
    Will just have to see I suppose, and be glad hubs is more of a morning person ha!
  • Hey Lou

    I keep meaning to reply to you about this. About 5-6 days after I ovulate I always get a shift in my CM to streachy stuff. It's a bit like EWCM but it is not clear (TMI coming up....) and it bit like snot!!!!!

    The first couple of cycles this really confused me but I have realised now that it is not ewcm!

    Just thought I would share!

  • cd21 and MORE ewcm. Really don't know what is going on now. Have never had this much before.
    We didn't BD this morning either. Hubby had hangover. Will def be jumping on him tonight. I really don't know if this is late ov now. I did have cramps Saturday morning.
    Does anyone else get it this late in 28 day cycle?
  • Hi loobylou, i had some on cycle day 21 this month, currently on cd24 and wasnt sure either. This would have been a week after ov so could poss be something to do with implantation? I can hope! haha! but im not sure to be perfectly honest. Just wanted to let you know your not alone, get in some BD when OH is ready and up for it!! xx
  • Hey ladies,
    Nice to know I'm not alone. Its now not ewcm, its more like the snot ha! Like snot when you have a really bad cold!!!!!!!
    I just hope I've not missed ov this weekend as the last time we BD was Friday morning. If I did ov Saturday morning to coincide with the cramps, then hopefully our Friday morning love-in will have the swimmers ready and waiting;-)
    I think it is prob too late now, but I think we'll have a go tonight just for fun.
    Now I'm really not sure when AF is going to be due/what dpo I am. I should be 7dpo if I ov'd last Tues as I first thought and the implantation thing did cross my mind due to the cramps too, but I am possibly only 1/2 dpo if it was Sat........its going to be along 2ww!!!
    Remind me not to get too excited if AF is late in case I have ov'd late. xx
  • OK.....I'm now having light brown pinky cm!!!!!?????!!!!

    Reign me in ladies please. I have had mid cycle bleeding for last 3 months and always try and convince myself its implantation. I WILL NOT GET EXCITED!! Particularly as I'm not sure whether I ov'd early last week or this weekend.
  • Hi hun when will your AF be due??

    Its looking good for implantation, fingers crossed for you

  • Hi SD, AF would be due a week today going by my usual 27/28 day cycle, but if the ewcm was late ov then probably about six days after that. I guess its just a waiting game now - I have had bleeding before at this time but it has never turned out to be anything, but this was just a bit of cm and its now stopped. Who knows?!?!
  • Its now dark brown cm with a tinge of red. I can't help but feel a little bit excited!
  • Good god! Give those of us waiting an update! Was it a BFP?!?!
  • Hey ladies, im in a bit of a situation where i need some advice if you would kindly help. I stopped bcp Sunday the 30th of september had withdrawal bleed on the 6th (Lasting 2 days). I went into hospital on the 17th of October with really bad cramps in my right ovary they just said a cyst ruptured but i thought it could be ovulation? After i left the hospital i had alot of milky cm lasting a few days and now im on cd23 and af is due in 5 days on the 3rd of November and i woke up this morning with a bit of ewcm?? I am a bit confused is this caused by stopping the pill or could i be pregnant? Me and my fiance have had unprotected sex a few times during these events... im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section please lend me a bit of advice image Thankyou

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