Evening primrose oil, how much?

Hi ladies, i havent been on here for a while but i just wanted to ask how much EPO you take. Ive started taking 3x 1000mg tablets a day to increase my cm but i wondered if that was too much!! It seems to be working but it just seems to be a lot and the pot wont last long at this rate!! :roll: xx


  • Hi debbiemc, I'm sorry I'm not able to answer your question. but I was just wondering if EPO is meant to increase CM? I've just posted another thread as I don't think I've got any! xx
  • Hi Becky, yes it is supposed to increase your cm and its deffinately working for me!! lol. Why not give it a go as its a very good supplement to take for many other reasons too. It can help with pmt, its an anti inflammatory so can help with aches and pains. Its quite cheap too, which is allways a good thing! lol. xxx
  • Thanks for the tip debbie. Can you take it all through your cycle? x
  • From what ive read you can carry on taking it but its allways best to double check when ttc or pregnant! Good luck xxxx
  • Hi Debbie, I've just been doing some research on this and it seems that EPO is good from period to OV and then flaxseed oil after OV! xx
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