I is back :-)

Hello my lovely ladies, missed you all even though I was only gone for three days.

How is everybody ?

K xx



  • hiya k lou, im really a bit fed up but i think i might just crack and test thursday and if still bfn i will try again 24th ish and you hows you doing kid? xx
  • Oh no don;t be fed up, it;s lovely and sunny outside to do, what you got planned this weekend?

    I am good thank you, can back from Barcelona last night, had missed my hubby sooooo much. It was lovely spending the evening with him and I feel all loved up again lol

    k xx

  • Hi Hun, how was your trip?
    Im now on CD30 and no signs of AF turning up.... done a test on thursday and was a BFN, really tempted to do another but know im wasting money and will destroy PMA lol

  • hey k, you have a nice time? how are you feeling this wk? xxxx
  • Hi K. Hope you had a fun weekend. Missed ya! image

    I have just started the 2ww. Trying not to symptom spot, but you know how it is?! lol

    So any signs of you ov'ing yet?? xx
  • Stephspear - oh that is exciting , when was you due on?? I had a wonderful time thank you, it was 30 c on saturday so am a little burnt.

    Twizz - I am in such a great mood to be honest. I did not think about babies once and TMI coming up but we had the most amazing sex last night and it was just for us and not the whole baby think. i have not had sex since my AF and so I am on CD14 today, I hope we have not missed it. I did not bother to use the Pre Seed last night either as it just felt right to enjoy it for once LOL How have you been?

    Can i just ask as my mind is awful, are you meant to get EWCM before you OV or the day you do OV?

    K xx


  • I think it can be either, I got it Thurs with pain and a bit of brown in cm (sorry tmi). But pain carried on into Friday. Think it is actually you are going to ov, so somewhere in the next 12-36 hours? xx
  • thats so good honey, its so nice to remember why u BD in the first place LOL!!! you should have missed it cos even if you have a Cycle of 28 you've still done it in time, EWCM is on day of ov and just before i think xxxxx
  • Looks like you have brought the sunshine back with you image Glad to her your feeling great, your PMA has rubbed off on me.... was in a foul mood this morning, not now hehe!

    Well im not too sure, i have only had a withdrawel bleed since stopping the pill so who knows what my body is going to do!!

    I think you EWCM the day you ovulate? Have you yet?

  • Hi K-lou,welcome back! Got my bfp yesterday still in a bit of shock as i didn't have any symptoms!!
    Good luck this month and keep on enjoying bding!!! xx
  • Mithical - Thanks babeimage How you feeling about starting your 2ww? I had some little pains yesterday and then last night I had loads of cm most of it was like lotion but there were parts that were like EWCM and i have never ever seen this? I have not had this the last two months so i am hoping that my body is getting back to normal you know.

    Twizz - LOL I know i really enjoyed it and it just felt good to not have to think We have to do it, you know. I feel really realxed about the whole thing and would actually feel ok if we did not do it this month.

    Steph - Good i am glad your in a good mood now lol There is no point letting things get on top of you, just let them all roll over your head. Oh i see, sadly this part can take awhile. I was very lucky with 28 days but some women have taken ages so try not to worry to much about it and I would say if you have already tested then test at the end of this week and see what happens. When i was waiting for my first real AF I tested and then a few hours later i came on so I think it was my body realxing almost.

    Thanks girls about the EWCM, I looked it up and it says you can get it before during and after so that does not help much lol

    I am meant to OV this thursday as I had a 30 day cyc last month but who knows how long it will be this month so i am hoping it was not earlier.

    K xx


  • I feel ok, I am on nights this week, so leaves me less time to think about it! In theory I could have af visit middle of next week. So will try to hold out testing! lol xx
  • Nikr - OMG well done to you I am sooo pleased for you image that really is wonderful news you must be over the moon xx

    Mithicla - thats it girl do not let it win, you can do it. Do not test and just wait till AF is due. This will happenimage

    K xx


  • HI K-lou and welcome back, pleased your sounding very churpy. I'm feeling as sick as a parrot today, side effects from Metfomin but gotta work through it. Pleased you're back.
  • I'll do my best. Working all next week, so Might be able to manage it?! xx
  • Ahh thank you SLOW and i am sorry to hear your feeling like that. There is no thing worse than feeling sick image I hop it passes soon.

    K xx

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