ovulation pain??

so...last night i went to bed and started getting really bad 'crampy' pains all the way down the left side of my stomach, it hurt a lot! this morning it still hurts but not half as bad as last night....and i have backache. Judging by my last af i should be ovulating around now so i was wondering if it is that??


  • Yes, I get pain on OV and mostly know which ovary the egg came from. I've never been on the pill so have been getting this as long as I remember. It's normal and a good sign! Do you get a bit of bloating too?


  • well this is only my second since coming off the pill and didnt get any pains last time. I was really bloated wed/thu (felt very fat) and felt very hungry. But today my belly is nice and flat again.
  • i can usually tell if i ov as i get pains in one side of my tummy. so you probably are.
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