... a little confused! Thought I was 14dpo today, been having tummy cramps, sore boobs, skin break out etc etc for the past week. No AF and no bfp either.

Checked my chart on FF, (I had to manually imput my positive OPK on days 15 and 16 as FF was saying that my temps hadn't indicated OV). I let FF work out my OV day from my temps just to see and it says I'm 11dpo.

Last night I had really severe tummy cramps, that I thought AF was due, then this morning my temp was below the coverline and then a negative HPT. Burst into tears, the lot, lol!

But IF i'm 11dpo as FF suggested I'm keeping my hopes up that it could have been an implantation dip, will have to see what my temp is like in the morning.

Not sad, not excited, just calm and in a good mood now - really just posted to see what you guys think, no giving me false hopes now! Also good to write down to get thoughts together!

Babydust to everyone, (especially the Superdrug kind! lol!) xxx


  • hi hun, your same as me (11dpo) my temp dipped this morning not huge but lower than usual on my 2ww. i have decided to keep calm until i can test but to keep my pma up as well. hope its good news for us
  • It would make my year if we both got our bfp's sweetie, its soo scary though isn't it xxx
  • yeah hun it is. i just wish symptoms could only mean one or the other. these mixed symptoms drive me mad. i was looking back at gembags ss post for last month and i was having af cramps by now but this month they dissappeared after 8dpo. its driving me bloody

    when is ff telling you to test.xx
  • I know, I have to keep explaining to DH that the symptoms could be either bfp or AF, its really frustrating, which is why I started to write every little niggle down this month.

    FF is telling me to test dpo 18, bugger that for a game of laughs - am such a poas addct that dh has hidden them! lol!

    You gonna wait till day of AF to test? xxx
  • i made oh do that a couple of months i have 2 first response and a cbd in the house. i am tempted to test monday but going to try and hol off till thursday. af isnt due till thursday/friday.

    i started using "countdowntopregnancy" i think there is a link on huni's post. you join the website and log all the symptoms you have. its helped to take my mind off it a bit. i feel like when i have logged it i can forget about
  • Good luck to both of you ladies for when you do test!!

    Sending you both lots of the extra special Superdrug babydust image xx
  • Ooh, will have a look at that site now, thanks hun. Not helping stop the addiction but will make me feel better! lol! Will be thinking of you on Thursday, will test tomorrow if AF doesn't show, cos I'm still a little confused! lol!

    Thanks BB! Ha ha! xxx
  • thanks bb.

    cass i now it feeds the but my theory is im going to do it anyway might as well log

    how are you this morning did you test.

    i have woke up with a headcold but also nausea and still no more af cramps so pma is still herexxx
  • Didn't test, temps dropped way below coverline, so unless they miraculously rise tommorow I'm out of the running. No AF, but still AF type cramps.

    Good luck sweetie, sounds promising, keeping everything crossed for you!
  • aww hun, hope its not. keeping everything crossed it goes back up tomorrow.xxxxxxx

    my temp shot back up this morning. still no af cramps, just a pullin gin my groin and nausea.
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