2ww symtom spotting!!!

anyone else?

im only 4dpo so is it too early for any of this?

i feel so sick this morning and have a horrible taste in my mouth! iv brushed my teeth 4 times, and had half a pack of polos and it still wont shift!!!

hope its a good sign image



  • hi
    I've been feeling queasy, tired, urinating alot for a week now. Yesterday I got a faint faint line on one test and a negative on another. Just have to wait now for a few days and try again but if I am preggers I'm feeling really sick really early considering the BFN.

    Fingers croseed for you and me!
  • Good luck ladies, your symptoms are all sounding very positive! xxx
  • hiya, how many dpo are you mrsmcquillan?

    both urs sound good! im 10dpo today, got a constant cramp in my lower left tum, so not sure. also have sore nipples, but usually do b4 af, so not counting that one, o and had lots of gas lol. but deep down im sure im not pg image xxx
  • hi ladies, im also 10dpo and have had BFN's since 7dpo image i dont have any symptoms except a niggle my my right side, feels like my ovary? i dont feel pregnant either image

    ashy x
  • Hi Mrs Me
    I didn't keep track of ovulation so I have no idea, I had a m/c on 30th June but only bled for 2 days and got a BFN by 7th July. I was getting symptoms for a week before but I managed to hold out until 28th July to do the test but still unsure!

    Hopefully I am pregnant but didn't ovulate until a bit after CD14 so its not showing up clearly yet.

    I'm also getting cramps and gas! Still no sign of AF so image
  • awwww so sorry about mc. hope ur ok. nice bfp should make u feel a bit better lol. test again in a few days, i reckon u r image
  • i'm only 4dpo and i'm trying so hard not to SS! I feel incredibly hot and i'm really tired. The sensible part of my brain is telling me that the weather is warm and i've not been sleeping well, but there is a small part of my brain, which I wish would be quiet, saying " Oh, I wonder!!" I think i will pass the stress of the 1ww onto my husband to deal with!
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