Should I stop WW?

We've literally JUST started TTC last week but I joined WW in jan to try and slim down a bit and now wondering whether I should still be actively trying to lose weight whilst ttc. I know it can take *forever* to concieve but just not sure what to do.

Is anyone else still trying to lose a few extra pounds before getting the BFP?

I am within the 'healthy' range, just not where my ideal weight is!


  • I'm overweight and wish I had tried to lose weight before getting pregnant as I dread to think how massive I am going to end up :lol:

    I'd be as healthy as you can now and then when you get pregnant you can indulge more image
  • Hi Clare, I asked a similar question yesterday, but I'm just straying over into the 'overweight' bit. Personally if I was you, I would stop and just try to maintain a healthy weight as losing too much can interfere with cycles from what I've read. I think if you're already within healthy, then there's nothing to worry about.
    I've decided to leave well alone but just make sure extra pounds don't creep on.
  • we used to have a weight loss thread on here and it was fairly popular, mostly just tried to eat healthily and loose a couple of lbs here and there.
    As long as you don't mess up your cycles by loosing too much weight you will be fine and it can only enhance your chances of getting that BFP
    You could always talk to your GP

    Good luck and baby dust xxx
  • Thanks girls, Might have a think about it. Part of me wants to lose a bit more and try to get down to my goal weight, but part of me thinks why bother, if i fall pg then i'm only going to put it back on again lol
  • HI Clareabella, WW is a helthy eating plan, I would carry on doing it (I am) if you were doing slim fast or the atkins diet then I would tell you different but you are in charge of what you want to use your points on so as long as you are making good choices why stop? I am guessing you are sensible enough to not let yourself get to the "underweight" bracket. xx
  • Hi clareabella
    I'm on month 4 ttc and I joined ww two weeks ago in the hope that shoifting a bit might help me to get BFP. I agree with Boofle its healthy eating so cant see any probs, i know they wont allow you to attend class though once you are preg.
    we should start a ww thread!
  • hi ive been ttc 3 montsand i go swimming 3 times a week and eating healthy so that i can be a healthy weight when i get my bfp because with my 1st i put on 4 stone and if i dont get my bfp il still be healthy so what can hurt? x
  • as its all about healthy eating i dont see a problem,i found when i was on it the points were too much for me and i couldnt use them all

    beng on a diet is fine as long as your not starving yourself x
  • i think if ure on ww and want to lose a few more pounds, theres no harm in carrying on. its not like its very strict xx
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