BFN- don't believe it- must be faulty!

I think I really am deluded. tested got a BFN yesterday but am still hopeful! I really should just trust the science and admit maybe i'm not preggers afterall! Its really hard when you're not getting af either but it's th 1st month off pill so cycle could be really long (43 days already!) I am exhausted though at the mo. I can hardly last the day! It's a struggle as I work evenings aswell as a mortgage adviser and may well fall asleep tonight on my appointment!


  • oh no maybe its too early for hormone to show yet, you keep postive hun, its not over til the witch arrives! what symptoms you been getting? xx
  • not many, bigger boobs, tired and just feel abit funny really! That could be anything! Really just want AF to arrive as then I can start properly next month with the ov sticks etc and know where I am.
  • Hi mini210_0 - keep your PMA up - it's not over yet!! Just a bit of advice though - I had EVERY PG symptom going last month!! Lots of people when they are first off pill take a while to get the first AF so DO NOT WORRY!! But hopefully it is good news for you!! xx
  • i agree with fiona,its not over till the fat evil witch calls,keeping fingers crossed

  • hi i came off the pill last year and it took me 8 weeks to get af! even the doc thought i was pregnant but then af finally reared her ugly head! keep your pma up and i hope you get your bfp soon x
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