Anyone due to test this weekend?

anyone else due to test this weekend?

cheryl xx


  • hi cheryl

    AF is due for me on Friday but i've told her to go away and not visit for 9 months so i hope i can test Friday or Saturday..

    good luck!!! xxx
  • I am! I think it is roughly 2 weeks after I ovulated but having recenly MC'd I'm not 100% sure. I am going to test Sat / Sun if I can do i discreetly (hubby doesn't want me too) but if not will just keep waiting as it could be at least another 2 weeks until I get my 1st AF after my MC apparantely... we'll see!

    Good luck girlies xxx
  • hi im due to test saturday as im on day 26 and due 29 dont think i got on the boat quick enough this month as no symptoms but fingers crossed til af comes to visit x
  • me! I'm not really due to test til next Thursday but I'm going on a hen do this weekend so I want to do a test early on Friday. That said if it's negative i'll still take it easy, but if its positive I won't drink at all! Oh god I really hope it's positive!!! image

    Good luck ladies, hope to see some BFPs in a few days!
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