Angielisa - did u really not get ur bfp untill 7 days late? Did u have any symptoms? Im 4 days late today, i thought if i were pg it would show by now? Its wierd im gonna hopefully go to the drs tmw re -sickness/hunger feeling i keep getting had for about a week and a half. originally thought it was pregnancy but with all my bfn i thought im proberly dying of a stomach ulcer or something!


  • no didnt get it till then. was convinced i was though. i had dizzy spells sore boobs pains in lowertummy and side but all the tests i did before came up bfn. i used predictor and tesco own. i was due af round about the end of march (26ish i think) but didnt get my bfp till 3rd april on a cb.xx
  • Omg! I bet u were going crazy! Im going to the drs tmw as thought im not pg and was still feeling sickbut maybe he'll tell me wait! xx
  • he might do. i dont know if they do tests anymore but maybe if you ask him he take some blood. that be clearer than a hpt. how long you been trying. im on my 2ww at the mo. this be our second.

    i was going crazy. it wasnt till the sunday i woke up and just felt completly weird and my oh made me buy the test. it came up within seconds.
  • This will be our second month! So if i have done it id be amazed, you have given me some hope, I definalty gonna see him and demand that he does something, coz if im not pg then something else must be causing it, but it started about 8 dpo i think i ovulated on a friday and then the folllowing sat i kept feeling sicky but not ill sick its different to that kinda feeling. I was conviced but seeing bfn both with FR made me think otherwise. Did anyone say why it took so long to show up? Is it common? How long have u been ttc number 2? xx
  • no nobody thought it was strange. its the waiting that really gets me. as i said its only first month so feel ok about getting a bfn but would really like to know either way. thats exactly the way i feel today. sicky but its weird coz i still want to eat. actually its the only thing taking the sicky feeling away. its horrible aint it what our bodies put us through.
  • thats excatly how mine feels! Eating makes it better! Although eating doesnt keep it away for long now and im finding more and more that i get acid reflux which isnt nice(tmi). But yea ive been eating loads because of it. Its weird coz i dont feel sicky in the morning normally about 12ish then last all day! xxx
  • mine starting about 10ish and had it allday yesterday. last night before i went to bed i was actually sick. today im exhausted. lo went for a nap at 8.30 coz she had been up since 6 and i fell asleep but i could go again.lol.. how you get on at docs.?xxx
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