Selling my clearblue monitor *SOLD*

Hi ladies, I've finally got abit braver that things are going to be fine with hunibump so I'm selling my clearblue monitor and 9 tests so it can help someone else get their BFP image
It was brand new when I bought it, I used it for 2 months and got my BFP, it comes boxed with instructions and 9 tests and I've reset the memory for it's new owner. If you want to ask any questions feel free!
I'm hoping to get ??45 for it and ??3 postage (I'll send it 1st class recorded) so if you're interested just drop me an email.
I'd prefer payment via paypal (it's faster for us both!) but postal order would be fine as well

Hope this post doesn't offend anyone xx

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  • Ill have it! Please!
  • wow you're quick image

    No problem hun, my email button is active so send me an email and I'll reply with my details xx
  • Have emailed you xx
  • *bump*

    I've just heard the lovely news that leeswifey has got her BFP so the monitor is still available, if anyone else is interested just drop me an email asap xx
  • Aw thats lovely, I wonder if I say i'll have it i'll get my BFP hehe... also sorry to be dense whats the monitor for and how do you use it, also how much are they brand new image

    sorry im very much the if it happens it happens type of girl and have no idea how all these things work xxxx
  • G/C but this is the first time I've ever seen a cbfm, for some reason I expected them to be massive, almost like a computer monitor with lots of buttons and a vent (randomly!) at the side.

    It made me smile and I had to comment. Hope you get it sold.xx
  • Broodykate - it works by getting to 'know' your cycle, basically you press a button to tell it your period has started, the monitor then asks you on certain days for a test, so you do a urine test and insert the stick into the monitor and it reads the results and tells you your fertility status for that day. It identifies up to 6 fertile days in a month and can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. That's the simplified version anyway! It really is brilliant, I got my BFP in my 2nd month using it after trying for 6 months of using ordinary ov tests.

    :lol: McGilliar, I actually thought it would be huge as well but was pleasantly surprised, it's even smaller in real life than it looks in the picture! xx
  • Ah just bought 1 for ??56 on ebay. poo! Thanks for letting us know though.

  • O and they cost between ??75-90 brand new

    Here's the website to explain it abit better than I did!:
  • Aw bad timing MrsPinkPlayboy! Good luck though hun, you won't regret buying it image xx
  • Is it for sale still? I'm interested!
  • Awww bargain then, im poor at the moment though and need to buy a new bed - booo so not meant to be i'm afraid, but thanks for telling me about it hun and congrats on your BFP xxxxxx
  • Is it for sale still? I'm interested!

    Yep It's still for sale hun

    No probs Kate, thanks sweetie and hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • Hi Huni, sent you an email!!
  • Got it Jane image my reply should be going through now xx
  • Hi Huni, should have all gone through now. Thanks, fingers crossed for a bfpimage!!

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  • Yep I got the payment through, thanks hun, I'll post it first thing tomorrow!

    Good luck and I'll sprinkle loads of babydust on it for you image xx
  • Thanks Huni and congratulations on your bfp. image

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