BFP but....

After 6 months of TTC I finally had a late period (refused to test early even when I was sure I was PG as too stressful!!) and tested first thing this morning and it was positive! It wasn't faint so no doubt of the result.

However, it is only one test so not getting too excited yet.

Also, throughout this month I have had ocassional spotting and this was also present this morning. I have already been to the doctors and i had some blood tests and I was booked in for a smear (which I assume I won't have now?) I am going to try to get an appointment as soon as poss but I was wondering if any of you had experienced something similar and what the outcome was?

Any advice/ experiences much appreciated-I can't be too happy about it and refuse to believe it under these circumstances!


  • Spotting is usually fine, don't worry too much. It could well be implantation bleeding.
    Congratulations, I hope it all goes smoothly.
  • congrats!!!!
    i agree with Lulabellarama about the spotting,
    but yeah don't have the smear!!
    heres to happy and healthy 9 mths!!!
  • Cogratulations, as the others say spotting is normal for some people. Hope you can see your doctor and they can put your mind at rest. Good luck!!xxxx
  • well done! i hope you have a good nine months!!! x
  • Thats great news the bleed is normalimage I hope you have a wonderful 9 months image

  • congratulations! spotting is common in early pregnancy, so i wouldnt worry about that. have a happy 9 months. take care x
  • Congratulations and im sure everything will be fine xx
  • congratulations im sure there is nothing to worry about like the others say it may be implantation, some women even have normal periods during their pg! cancel the smear, did you have your blood tests results back? if not follow them up to see. if your worried see your dr again.
    Good luck hun have a h&h 9 months xx
  • congratulations and as the other girls said. spotting is fine and def cancel the smear test. happy 9
  • Cancel the smear test now!! Double celebration!! Well done and congratulations.


  • Thanks everyone-still not whooping with joy until I have done another test though!

    Have managed to get a doctors appointment this avo (that was a blooming miracle!!) and sneaking off work early to do another test so fingers crossed everything will be OK.

    Will let you know how I get on and lots of babydust to everyone else X
  • congrats hun a BFP is a BFP!!! xxx
  • congrats and all the best for the next 9 months.

  • Congratulations Sophy! Hope all goes well at the Dr's! xxxxxx
  • I had spotting early on in my last pregnancy & Zara arrived safe & well, albeit 6 days late!!!

    Good luck with your pregnancy & wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months xx
  • congratulations. Hope the docs put your mind at rest
  • Congratulations fab news, i'm sure everything will be grand. Hope the doc puts your mind at rest tho. Good luck and hope you have a happy healthy 9 months.
  • Just thought I'd let you all know how I got on with the doctors.

    I did another test which was also positive so no doubt am PG.

    However, doc did warn me that bleeding at this stage can be sign of mc-he said it was about a one in three chance of mc.

    He was really nice and is going to ring me in a week to see how I am getting on. The best outcome is that there is no more blood but as yet this has not happened.

    Also yesterday morning had some pains. I know can get pains but am now even more worried. Had a look in some books I bought and even more confused as one was very much a stay relaxed attitude and the other was panic its all going wrong!!

    To make matters worse by husband wanted to start discussing baby names when I just want to not think about it!!

    I think its going to be a REALLY long week! but just have to take it a day at a time i guess.

    Thanks to everyone for your good wishes X
  • Everything crossed that its a sticky bean!!xxxx
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