I am ill :(

Hi girls

Feeling so sorry for myself, started to feel a bit rough yesterday achy all over and small pains in my belly, my AF stopped this morning. Last night I did not sleep at all, had to get a hot water bottle had such pains in my belly, ache all over , head ache and kept running to the loo every half an hour sorry TMI.

I am now thinking if I have belly bug I should get something from the doctors tomorrow as I should be OV around the 16th and i need to get better for then!!!



  • Sounds like the bug half my family have got/have had. Don't think dr will help. It seems to last for 48 hrs. Try immodium and drink lots of fluids and try and drink some of those sachets of dirolyte (sp?) They help give your body back some of the salts etc your body has lost.
    Good luck.
  • Oh image I have not felt this rubbish for ages I was burning up last night. Ok well at least others have had it then, it must be something flying about. I thought about taking immodium but then thought was it not better to just get it all out of my body? sorry tim

    k xxxxx
  • I always thought that but common misconception apparently (used to go out with a doctor!!) The damage dehydration can do to your body is immense. If you have losing lots of fluid (you know what I mean) you are best trying to keep it in! Your body will not just poo out the bacteria, it will try to destroy it as well (does that make sense??)
    If it is the same as what my family have, then take the immodium. My brother spent yesterday morning at a&e as he passed out from the dehydtration and fell and split his head open - he didn't want to go (he is a med student and was worried about bringing the bug into a hospital full of sick people) but the ambulance man said he had too as the bleeding wasn't stopping!!
    Sorry, all a bit gross for a monday morning!!

    Hope you feel better soon!
  • oh no your poor brother, yeah I felt dehydration I thought thats why I had my head ache as well, ok well thanks for that will take the pill now image

    K xxx
  • Definitely keep drinking k-lou, it's a warm day so will make you worse. Rest lots, and hopefully you'll feel betted to bd around ov!! xx


  • Thanks hun have been asleep and am so gutted as the weather is lovely outside image I hope it;s not a really bad belly bug that will stay withme for ages ;-(

  • I agree with dappy, you're young and healthy so should be around 48 hours or so. xx


  • I am still ill image I do fell better than yesterday as in I do not ache anymore though still ache a little bit on my lower back but still have a really bad belly and the pains as well are horrid. Having to tale pain killers every 4 hours.

    The weather is soooo nice today I love itimage

    K xxx
  • Hi K-Lou,

    I had this just before I was due to ovulate last month, I felt terrible and never thought I would recover enough to bd! Anyway it lasts about 48 hours and then you will feel much better.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • I hope so I feel rubbish sitting at my desk thinking why the hell did I come in?? I am going to see how I am today and then If I still have it tomorrow I will call the doctor. I have not been able to eat to am so hungry image Just trying to drink loads of water.

    Sorry just feeling sorry for myself. I am boiling as well today of all days .

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