No EWCM this month - but could I still get a BFP??

Hi All

A bit of advise please ----

I am now on CD 23 and last month I had lots of EWCM on CD18. I have had none this month. ( we are not using OPKs or anything). I have been feeling really nauseas since last Saturday CD17 and its getting stronger all week. Could I be pg?

Or have I not even OV at all yet??
Only month 2 off the pill - last month my cycle was 33 days.
Anyone experienced anything the same?

Please reply - this is doin my head in ! lol !

Thanks xxxx


  • I don't think it's all that likely that you've ovulated yet pet. Have you had any signs that you might have, such as temp rise or positive OPK?

    I sometimes ovulate as late as CD30, as my cycles as quite irregular. If I were you I'd keep on BDing regularly until you get a BFP or AF (hope it's the first option!) as you don't want to miss an opportunity!

    Good luck. xx
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