blub blub feeling rubbish

its only 2ww in month 1 but i got to say ttc is turning me into a depressed lump :\( past 3 days ive been tearful and generally feeling so down and low, i didnt realise how stressful the 2ww is. i wish i could be relaxed and chilled and not bothered! af is due next week although i dont know which day which doesnt bloody help

does it get any easier or happier? i really hate feeling this way. really miss my old cheerful self

probably rotten thing to post considering some people have been ttc so much longer than me but believe u me i want my bfp just as bad :cry:

im probably not doing myself any favours considering ive had 7 bfns and im only 10dpo :roll: someone stop me...serious poas addict

sorry for the whinge just needed to let it out and oh sleeping and is pretty fed up with my moping i should imagine xxxx


  • Its hard isnt it hun. I am always the same if i test too early, every bfn makes me feel more and more fed up. I have made a pact that this month i will not be testing until 13 dpo and if that is negative then i can safely say that i am not pg this month, order some more opks and then just wait for af to turn up so we can try again. Hope you get your bfp soon x
  • aww hun, it is hard going. i find some months im ok and then other times im a wreck. its such a stressful time. sending big hugs and hoping that your heading for your bfp.xxxx
  • Hi hun big hugs and keep up the pma you have all the symptoms chick.

    Got everything crossed for you, what tests you been doing? did you test today?

  • thankyou ladies image *hugs*

    i have used asda ones and then today i used a clear blue (the normal one with the + / - )

    I wasnt supposed to do anymore testing until Sunday or even next week as thats when AF is due I think.

    Id rather much get AF than another bfn!!

    oh well i never know

    thankyou all for being so lovely xxx

  • aw honey its rotten isnt it? You poor thing. I dont have anything to say, but i hope you can find something to get you back to your old self.

    x x x
  • Hi FD
    We are only on our second month of trying and it is really hard!! I am very up and down going from feeling really positive to really upset! My brain is very consumed with baby thoughts and I don't think that will change.
    I have come to the conclusion that TTC is not very easy emotionally and trying to 'relax' and 'not think about it' just does not work.
    The way I am dealing with it is planning things to do! This might be weekend stuff or holidays. We have just booked a holiday and I am excited about it pregnant or not! I am going to a party at the weekend and I am going to have a glass or two of wine and just enjoy myself!
    I also learnt that testing really early just makes you feel CRAP! I am not going to let myself buy any tests so I can't be tempted until the right time!!

    Try to keep smiling and keep doing what you were doing before, that's what I am doing!!!

  • stop poas hun its doing u no good its far to early, but good luck chicky! xx
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