jumps and hops and squeals!

... because I'm so excited to be in here!

My story - Me and the Fiance have been together for a super amazing six years, we are early twenties and Mr's priority was always for us to be married first before babies came along, but after some *gentle* (ahem) persuasion he agreed we could come off contraception (Dianette pill), and have been trying since I popped the last one early March this year. Needless to say, now that he is excited too, he thinks it is all his idea in the first place!

Already Im showing the signs of a POAS addict, and so im diving into this forum for some support from like-minded people, and hopefully to find some bump-buddies (fingers crossed) if you would have me?


  • hahaha loving ur gentle presuasion! welcome to ttc, i have been a ttc addict too! haha, slowly calming down tho! ahve been ttc for 3 months , getting married in 9 days image hope u have a short and sweet stay! we may even be bump buddies image fingers crossed for u hun. xxxxx
  • Awwww ... welcome to ttc!! It's all new and exciting for me too, have only been ttc for a month now, and already I'm hooked on this site - but there really is nowhere else to go to vent....and get support!

    Hopefully we'll all be in it together!

  • Welcome from me too. I am new to here and like the rest of the ladies am totally hooked already!

    We can all go through it together.

  • Welcome to the site truly_scrumptious. You will find that you get hooked on this site, I have. I have only been TTC for 5 days, finished my pill on 29/4. I am still relaxed about it all but can predict me becoming obssessed ha xx



  • Hello all!!
    I've been TTC for a couple of weeks now so fingers firmly crossed!!!
    Nice to hear all your stories...
  • Thank you!
    And congratulations on your up-coming wedding! Fingers crossed for a honeymoon baby x

    I think i'm on month 3 (have had 2 Af's since stopping the pill) call me naive but I just expected 'BAM' your preggers! Especially considering the obsession with using the pill at the same time everyday else you end up pregnant.

  • ps. i expected to be a BAM ur pg too lol, didnt happen tho lol dammit, hopefully it ont be to much longer for us xxxxxx
  • ps. i expected to be a BAM ur pg too lol, didnt happen tho lol dammit, hopefully it ont be to much longer for us xxxxxx
  • Fingers crossed *me* !!!
  • welcome to ttc!!! lots of lovely ladieso n here who offer great support and are very friendly! hopefully you won't be here long (in the nicest possible way!) xxx

    Babydust sprinklings xxx
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