somone STOP me

Well Ladies,

AF not due until friday and i did at test last sat, (don't know why but anyway) but REALLY want to do one tomorrow morning. someone please slap me and tell me to cop on. i think i had a few symptons but i also think i'm imagining it as we only BD once at the right time.





    Lol no honestly best to wait until atleast Friday hold off to Saturday if you can x
  • Haha - I'm 4dpo and I'm dying to test!! I had very bad wind (sorry probably too much info) on Friday (1dpo) and my stomach was really bloated but it was probably too early for any symptoms. Last night I had a very sharp pain in my stomach and tonight I've been having little twinges in my stomach and I also feel a bit uncomfortable down below. Also this morning I went to the toilet at 6:45 and by the time I got to work at 8:00am I was busting to go again and I hadn't even had a drink. I'm probably imagining it all though and I'm so desperate to test - I hope I get a bfp!!
    Anyway, I have to stay away from the test so you have too as well lol!! Good luck x
  • AHHH missymoo I'm in the same position! Due AF on friday and stupidly tested this morning! BFN! The worst thing was that I had a dream I had tested using 2 different tests so I wasted 2 tests trying to recreate my stupid dream! GRRRR!!
    Let's be strong and not test together!!xx
  • only if you stop me lol...I have absolutely no idea what is going on with my cycles this month I am on CD34....been having 40+ day cycles the last couple but have no idea what day I ov at all, have thought I had a few times but not 100%, been trying to bd as often as possible but due to all this I have aready tested 5 times!!!!!!!! All BFN...

    I will hold off til the weekend if you do hon xxx
  • Yes let's try and all wait until saturday! Then my AF will be late hopefully! Xx
  • Hi all I am in the same boat AF due on Wednesday tested today with cb and not fmu ang bfn. I am not testing again until Thursday when AF will be late. By the way are cb known for evaporate lines?
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