Can this be...

I have so many symptoms especially very tender nipples, literally when I had a spray tan the other day they tingled and when I'm cold and they go (ahem) hard (ahem) they actually hurt. Plus I've had tummy cramps, at some times quite sharp since about cd20. Could I be pg, hence the symptoms but still be too early for bfp? Or do those symptoms suggest that if I was pg I would have enough hormone to detect in a hpt by now?

Before my mc last month I didn't get bfp until cd42 and got bfns upto cd34 before I gave up testing! I'm cd28 today, no af yet but not sure exactly when I'm due or when I ov'd although I got symptoms cd14ish, or so I thought!

Is it the same hormone that hpts detect that cause symptoms? Or can a low amount of hormone be causing the nipple pain and there's still a chance of bfp?

I could be clutching at straws. SIL had a baby yesterday and the baby shaped void in my life seemed to expand dramatically overnight so I may just be wishful thinking but there's no mistaking the blimmin nipple situation.

Thanks ladies


  • Hi Lady,

    Sorry to hear about the extra painful nips and that you're feeling the baby void.
    I'm hoping we are both going to get our BFP's by the weekend!

  • I really hope so. I'm lacking pma at the minute, what with SILs birth 3 weeks after my mc and OH working away till Friday image Plus we moved house over the weekend and I'm still settling in, not quite home yet.

    The man above needs to give me a break! I'll accept a bfp as compensation thanks, a sticky one at that!!

    Sorry bit of a moan. MUST FIND PMA...!!!

    Good luck hun
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