TTC - off the pill and 1st month of trying

Hi All

Just thought i'd share how things are going month one of TTC !

I came off the pill and had my usual withdrawal bleed, everything was fine, lasted a week which is normal for me.

I have had a few side affects from coming off the pill - I had very bad headaches for about 10 days, which are going away now which is great !

We have been 'trying' everyother day since I stopped my withdrawal bleed - and must admit its given our relationship a real boost which is great : ) We'd slowed down on the passion front for a few months, but this is bringing us close again : ) So feeling really good ! I feel happier then I have in years - maybe the pill made me a little more depressed as since I have come off it my mood has lifted sooo much (or it could just be the excitment of TTC)

Dont know about ovulation or anything, as we are just seeing how things go for the first couple of months. If we get to 6 months and nothing - then maybe we'll start getting more technical with it all : )

Today is CD16 - so I guess I should be ovulating this week - so all fingers crossed : )

Anyone else just come of the pill and on 1st month? How you getting on?


  • Hi Stace, it's exciting isn't it?!

    Last month I came off the pill and I didn't OV untill CD33, but everyone is different when they come off the pill. Have you ever stopped taking it before? How quick were they to go back to normal? I know before mine was about 2 weeks late and it was the same this time x
  • i had my last one on thursady, so now got af, finghers crossed! wonder how long it will be to get my first real af?
  • Hello girls
    Im in the same boat me and hubby are in our first month of ttc. Came off the pill end of december and started ttc beginning of Jan luckily AF has come when it should...which is even more of a suprise as i have PCOS but all is looking good and fingers crossed it wont take long.
    Baby dust to all xxx
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