please help me - i am SO confused!

please help, someone! i am so confused right now.
i thought i was 3DPO, seeing as i got a positive on my ov tests on sat and sunday (which was cd10 - pretty early) and then absolutely nothing (no test line, only control) on monday, then on tuesday, did another, as i thought cd10 was early, and there was the teeeeeniest line, had to squint to see. then did one today and its really strong again! also got some cm today, but nt ewcm.

someone please help....why would i get these strange readings on ov tests?!



  • hi hun, id keep bd especially since you have cm. on the ov test your line has to be stronger than the control line. im not using opk's this month and feel like we have been bd ive getting pain since cd14 but started checking my temp this week and its still dropping so i havent ov'd yet. our bodies are really sent to confuse us. good luck
  • hi angel100 - thanks for the reply....the test lines on sat and sun werent stronger than test line, so not sure what that was. can you get surges throughout your cycle then? just wonder why i got nothing at all on mon ad tues and then a urge again today?! weird.
    cm is not ewcm, so will just keep an eye on it.
    i am the worst person for having to wait!!! haha xx
  • me too hun, i might be possible that you are getting surges, over the last week i have had ewcm on a few seperate occasions so was sure i was oving but i think it just happening just now. its so confusing not
  • I read on a website recently that you can get a surge which means the ovary is going to release an egg, then for one reason or another it doesn't release and so the ovary tries again a few days later and that's why you can get two surges. Can you tell I'm an internet geek on all things involved in baby making?!??! xx
  • Hi there, could I ask a question please? should the ewcm be stretchy (sorry for the not nice question - lol).

    Thank you

    V xx
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