It's very quiet on here at the mo!!

Over last couple weeks have noticed it's very quiet on here at the mo!!!

Where has every one gone!!!



  • Everyone's out in the sunshine Mrs JC!
  • Lol!! We've had nothing but grey clouds and rain for last few days!!! Lol
  • Aaah we had that for a couple of days but today was brilliant! Kind of cold though image x
  • I would rather the cold and dry than the cold and rain!!!

    Hoping the weather cheers up soon!!

  • i go between here and LTTTC as been TTC for 23 months now and have PCOS with irregular AF
  • I should prob post in ltttc as been ttc for 19 months now but had a 6 month break and been back on it since jan but I have only had 1 cycle which was 76 days!!

    I really hope you get your bfp soon! Have everything crossed for you

  • Hey hun, I noticed this too, I mooch on other forums cos am nosey but then get upset am not there if you know what I mean

  • Hey sd!! I do too lol!!! Glad I'm not the only one!!

  • Its hard eh am going to give reflexology a go am just too stressed out, have you been docs for tests yet??

  • No I haven't!! I ov'd a couple days ago so just waiting and seeing really!! I'm hoping if af comes this month they will be more regular!!!

    What did you see at the pics??

  • Good luck hun. We watched Iron Man 2 it was brilliant lots of action

  • My lo is desperate to see that!!! He's only 5 so not going to happen until it's out on DVD!!! He loooooves iron Man!! Lol

    I think your holiday will do you the world of good and you'll get your bfp this month! Have everything crossed for you

  • Aw thanks hun

    Am not going to use OPK's or anything from now on taking the relaxed approach which if we had done that instead of getting caught up in counting days etc it might have happened by now but oh well we live and learn eh.

    This will be our first so cant wait as am approaching 31 would really like to be cooking a bun in my oven by xmas but will just have to wait and see.

    I saw on another post youve been to Ibiza before did you go to the Bay?

  • Good on you Hun!! You will def be cooking a bun by Xmas!!!

    Yes I have been to the bay!!! I found out I was pg the day before we went so I think it will be lucky for you too!!! Lol

    it's really nice there you can walk along the beach to San antonio town too where all the shops are!!

    You'll have a fab time!!

  • hey SD i have had test i was diagnosed with PCOS over 6 years but i deiced in feb enough is enough and i got referred to the fertility clinic in march i had my 1st appointment and the consultant said i need to do all the tests again so did the blood tests then had another appointment in april which then she said she has no idea why he sent me for all the tests again so she said i will put you on metformin and clomid so when AF turns up then i will be on clomid if not and i get my PG then happy days

    well i am getting married next aug we have been together for 10 years in aug this year but we thought this year would be to close to get married and i would love to have a honeymoon just for a week if i could i will have to see where he wants to do but as usual i will choose as i always have the last say lol bless him dont know what i would do without him
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