Implantation Bleed

Hi Ladies,

Does anyone know what an implantation bleed is like?
I am 5 or 6 dpo (I use cbfm and it told me my peaks were last Thursday and Fri cd10&11 but I am not sure which day to count as possible ovulation day).
I have some v light pink then brown spotting mixed in with cm today and hope it may be a symptom of an implantation bleed but thought it was too early?
Can anyone help please?
Thank you


  • Hi,
    I had an implantation bleed a few days ago at 10dpo and got my bfp today at 13dpo. It was literally a pinky / browny discharge in my CM when i wiped, and it only happened once. I have read that it can happen from day 6 to 12 and it sounds like what you've described. Good luck, I hope its your BFP!! xx

    Just read your thread on my BFP post, thank you and hope this info helps. This is my 3rd pregnancy in a year and the first with an implantation bleed so i'm hoping its a good sign! It might be worth posting this in pregnancy too a there will be lots of ladies in there who have had an implantation bleed xx

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  • Thank you for replying. Fingers crossed it may be!
    I hope you have a fabulous and enjoyable pregnancy.
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