Am I wrong to feel this way??

My future sister in law cam over yesterday to see my lo. I was making tea in the kitchen as she just piped up. - I think I could be pregnant, my period is 3 days late. She was going to start ttc at the end of the year, so I was pretty shocked. I had a load of tests so gave her one to do in the loo. Low and behold... BFP! I feigned happiness for her but the reality was I really wished it was me holding that test! I don't know what to say to her now. I am happy for her, but just so jealous! The worst thing is she wasn't trying! Am I just terrible to be so jealous??


  • not at all, please do not be harsh on yourself anybody would feel the same way. A friend at my work place is now 8 week preg she told me at 6 weeks and it broke my heart .

    It's because we want to so badly so please do not feel bad ok image

    K xxx
  • Hi K-lou, yes I think it's that. Think it's also because I had so many negative tests last month before AF showed her face that my PMA is low. Anyway, onwards and upwards July WILL be our month! image
  • thats the thing you can try and be strong about it and some months it just hits you, you know. You will have another baby honey i promise you. The good thing to look at here is you have been preg before so we know both you and OH are working all fine. It's now just a case of when the time is right and then it will happen. I am a great believer in everything happens for a reason image

    k XX

  • 3 of my friends are pregnant and only 1 of them was planned and i do get jealous that the others just fell pregnant without trying but then i always think my day will come image
  • yeah i think its totally normal to feel like that, i just found my auntie is pg with number3 and im really really happy for her but still feel a twinge of jealousy. itl be lovely to have another baby in the family though, even if it isnt mine
  • Hi Gemsie24

    You are perfectly normal to feel the way you do. I mc in Nov,and again in Feb and then my stepdaughter (single young girl) told her dad and i that she was pg. I was truly upset, but had to support her because she is our daughter. It all worked out in the end, and YOU WILL GET YOUR BFP!

    Keep smiling!

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