ssssshhhhh u didn't see me!!

Hi girlies

I'm still on my little break from BE but thought i'd have a little check to see how every1 is doing.

Congratulations to all the BFP's and hello to any newbies! I'm still waiting for af but have had my bloods back now which showed it wasn't actually an underactive thyroid at fault, but they now think its PCOS so awaiting tests for that and some day 21 tests but there all completely pointless till dreaded af arrives!!!!!

Been trying the old sods law tactic this month as well- been interviewing for a new job! had 3rd interview last night so hoping to hear something soon!! and have booked thorpe park tickets as part of dh b'day pressie!!!!

hope every1s well babydust to all!!!



  • just to say a little hello and that i hope af arrives for you soon hun. hope your tests will soon be over and you get your results quickly image

  • WHO SAID THAT?? lol. Hello lilac, nice to see you again, i hope you get good results back once theve all been done and have a fab time at thorpe park. xxx
  • Hiya Jen!!!!
    nice to see you hun even if it is brief. how far in your cycle are you then? im on month 7 cd 27 and af due on 2nd june i think. dont think we have done this month though. even though we BD every other day which is brill for us!!
    hope you get the job you want and you have fun at thorpe park. might speak to you on fb soon. hope you get your BFP soon babe
  • Hi, nice to hear from you. Hope you get the job and enjoy yourself at thorpe park and more importantly that you get that af to get the bloods and possibly treatment started. Good luck!!xx
  • Er, did someone say something? Even though i have crossed the border to berkshire now, i am sure i heard a squeak from Surrey. Thought for my lovely minute it might be that lilac girly from Weybridge but it couldnt have been, could it? Ah well, if she is listening, tell her we miss her and hope that she is doing fine and dandy xxxxxxxxxx
  • *beams towards the squeaking*
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