So hard to resist testing

Me and Oh agreed on Monday we would wait til this next Monday before testing as we are going away this weekend and its out wedding anniversary Monday so if it was a BFN then we wouldnt ruin our hol. I now feel the sudden urge to test today but know that it is very naughty and i should wait. I just feel like i want to know if it is BFN. We have done everything we can this month and so i am hoping for the BFP but really not trying to get hopes up too much.
Not very good at symptom spotting ( maybe that a good thing) but no sore (.)(.) yet and no sickness or anything.
Please let me be PREGNANT !!!!!


  • LMcD, stand away from the sticks. Turn around and walk away!!! image
    It will ruin your hol if you get a BFN b4 u go, OR on the other hand if you get a BFP it would be amazing (shush SLOW, you're a bad infulence!!)
    How many dpo are you?

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  • I dunno !!!
    I only have a 23 day cycle and my last af was 21st June.. Just been doing it everyday !!
  • resist resist! you must! I tested early this am after caving in and it was bfn! Af not due till sat! Good luck have a great weekend!xx
  • step away from the tests LOL, have a great holiday
  • wait until next week!! hope you have a fab weekend - i'm looking forward to ours too!! xxx
  • test test know you want to
    sorry bad filo, ex poas queen! hehe
    Filo x
  • Very Naughty filo - if only my OH saw that !! lol
    You have a great weekend too MRS E!
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