what food will you miss the most?

which food will you miss the most when you are pregnant? i will miss liver pate and steak cooked medium. anyone else?


  • A place where we go out for a meal does its own home cooked food. Its like a cosy little pub. They do a fantastic homemade chicken liver pate with homemade fruit chutney. I will really miss that and also I love seafood such as prawns and seafood sticks. Will miss that toooooo!
  • Stilton cheese, pate, goats cheese. Dont have any of them that frequently but really love them!-but I'd rather be pregnant of course!!!!xx
  • mr whippy ice cream. although since i found out you shouldn't have it when pg i decided that meant i can't have it all together! xx
  • i do miss wine actually. i had some the day after my ERPC and then vowed to give it up until we have our first child. i had better get a bfp soon!!!!!
  • medium rare steaks, stilton and goats cheese, white wine ... actually don't have these during 2ww (except the odd glass of wine) so try to fit them in during lead up to ov. DH doesn't like the cheeses which is a shame but still manage to have them from time to time.
  • Stilton on toast is a favourite of mine-so rich you have to make it into toasted sandwiches!!!!
  • I miss Tuna. I know its okay to eat in moderation, I don't want to take any risk in my first 12 weeks.
  • stilton toasted sarnies ... yum ... think af will arrive again this month so i can look forward to one one those in a weeks time!!!
  • Sorry to be thick, but why can't you eat pork pies?? I've never seen it anywhere, and really love the pork and pickle ones! xx
  • Pink steak and red wine, yummy yummy. Much rather be pg though!
  • Gatecrashing, but just to let all of you who share my cheese addiction know, you can have all of the forbidden sorts of cheese as long as they are cooked and eaten hot. So you can have goats cheese on pizza, blue cheese sauce on steak and my personal favourite, maccaroni cheese made with a mountain of stilton mmmmmmmm
  • when i was last preg i missed pate so much and i know im going to miss it again. also last time i wasnt eating prawns coz i had got food posioning a year or so before but near the end of the preg i started to crave them and this time round i will miss them so much.
  • Prawns. And desserts like creme brulee/cheesecake that have raw eggs.

    For the 4 weeks before my mc I was totally paranoid about anything I ate and literally cremated everything to make sure it was cooked properly!!! So I will miss just normal food cooked normally! lol!
  • liver pate, camabert cheese and peanuts. I never eat peanuts but if I'm told no then I want it more.
    Also gonna miss my 6-8 coffees a days, de-caf is not the same.

  • Vodka (I love bisongrass vodka and apple juice), soft french cheeses and mussels.
    Oh god, do I really want to give those up?

    Well, yes, but it's going to be hard.
  • It has to be pate. I love the stuff! Fridge is currently jammed packed with cheeses, pates, steak for tea tonight - done medium etc. I am going to get my fill before I get bfp!!
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