Fed up waiting for ov!!

Well i just need a bit of a moan because ive got no patience! lol. Im on cd20 and waiting for my smiley face to appear on ov stick, im hoping it will appear today as i think i ov on cd20, i just want to get started! Ok thats it, moan over! xxx


  • hello debbiemc,i know what you mean,i didnt get a + on my sticks this month but i must have ov has af showed up,so i must have peaked ither early in the day or late,who knows but like you i have no patience,always want to know things well in advance,always read the last few pagers of a book iam reading to see how it ends before i start it or ask ppl if they have seen a film iam gonna watch so i know whats gonna happen :lol: it never spoils it for me and something like this which is out of my hands drives me nuts! oh well onwards and upwards for next month... will keep my fingers and toes crossed that you get your image face in the next few days

  • Thanks sarah, i was even gonna mix my wee from this morning with the one im going to do at 12.30 today for ov stick, i thought that way i wouldnt miss my surge!! lol. How mad is that?? xxxx
  • Hi Jane, thanks hun, ive just got to learn to be patient! If i dont get a smiley face this month then im going to buy 2 ov pks and test for 14 days so that i dont miss it! I wont be beaten!!! lol. xxx God its gonna cost me a small fortune!! xx
  • Debbiemc -you've inspired me to get some ov sticks. I've no idea if I'm ov or not after coming off the pill (and no bloomin af either so suspect nor) and want to know!

    Is it just me, or does it feel that the more things you try, the more chance there is of conceiving?
  • lol debbie,iam using the cheaper option off ov sticks,20 sticks for ??13 but i know the cbd are easier to read.

    summer41-iam just trying to convince myself i missed my peak :lol:

  • Thanks ladies, my pma has returned, only an hour and 15 mins before i go poas! YIPPEEEEE. lol. xxxxx
  • Girls can I just ask a reallu silly question? What os a bbt??

    K xx
  • Summer41 - I know that you need to BD at certain times of the month, but will BD at least every other day be effective? How small a window for ttc is it? Literally 24 hours or could it be longer?
  • Oh i see so really I shoudl start to take my temp now and then see how it goes and that will show me if i ov? What is the right sort of temp that you should roughly get after OV or before? I know it will be different for each women.

    k XX
  • Thank you, i might leave it this month as i am trying to realx about it and see what happens though i might try from next month just to see if I am ov. I worry as i have only just come off the pill I might not be ov so we will have to see.

    Thanks for that

    k xx
  • So that means sex every other day? Great fun!
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