I'm 8dpo and I'm so frustrated!! I'm dying to test. Over the months I haven't had any symptoms but this month I've had a couple. I've been feeling sick, pains in my stomach and back and last night I had like a bruised feeling in my right boob!! I haven't had anything all day but about 5 minutes ago I had a very sharp pain in my lower stomach, it hurt so much that I said oooh (lol). I'm really hoping that it's implantation cramps but knowing my luck it's nothing!! I keep going to the toilet all the time to check if I've got any spotting!! I'm so sad lol!! Is spotting common? I'm trying to stay away from the tests but I keep getting a little bit closer to them!! Please can someone remind me and tell me that it's too early to test lol!!
How's everyone else getting on? x


  • Hi,
    I don't think spotting is the norm hon. But your symptoms sound promising because they are new to you.
    Hang on as long as you can to test. x
  • nooooo dont test! does sound good tho, but pls pls dont test, leave it as long as poss pet xxxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies!! I hope we all get bfp's!!
    Thanks for the reassurance, I'm staying away from the tests lol!!
    Good luck x
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