Stranded somewhere between af and BFP?

Hi ladies,

I truly am sorry for misleading people to believe I had my BFP earlier in the week, I am just so confused right now and I do think the lines on the SD tests were either a chemical pregnancy or evap lines that appeared after the 10 min deadline.

I kept on testing early and got caught up in the whole can I can't I see a line and then think my heart told me I was seeing lines, ttc is such a crazy business.

AF was due yesterday and on CBD all I have had is BFN and on SD tests well I havent had a clear positive line as of yet.

I have heard of people getting their BFP's at 19/23dpo? but how come the hcg isnt in the pee before then if you implant no later than 12dpo??

I guess the fact I was stressing over the lines last week might have delayed my period, but I have a 'very wet' feeling down below and this is a positive sign of pregnancy I have been told? I have been having other symptoms for past few week too but am just going to have to test every other day and see if the BFP comes up.

I went to the docs last month as had a weird af and she said to go back if my next period is late so going to give it till Friday and if no BFP or af then am making an appointment to see the doc.

My last af was on 16th November that I can remember being a proper full flow af and dec was on/off and disappearing/re-appearing which the doctor found odd but said wait a month and if you dont get your next period come back :evil:

All I really have to say is I feel so stupid for thinking I could be lucky enough to have a BFP, like everyone else on BE it is always on my mind and I really do want this more than anything right now but am going to focus on my weekend break to London in 2 weeks and then we have booked a hol for our anniversary.

So basically stuck in limbo for now :\?

Thanks for all your support over the last 2 weeks dont know what I would have done without you all

Congratulations to any recent BFP's October is really filling up now!!! Still save me a seat just incase I have a shy one!! :lol:


  • Hi Sparkling Diamond

    There is still hope so don't give up quite yet. Remember until AF comes, it isn't over. Try and take things easy and take another test later.

    Good luck, lots of baby dust to you. xxxx
  • it does become all consuming when you start testing early. i really hope your lucky this month. and like you say maybe a little shy one in there. x
  • Hey sweetie, sorry you've been so confused and had a rough time, I really hope you have your bfp, (((hugs))) xxx
  • hi sorry to hear that does that mean you wont be ttc next month? hopefully you will be in oct but if not then il see you in nov baby
    fingers crossed!
    really hope you get what you want, keep us updated xxx
  • aww hun, this ttc lark is so confusing, i really hope you get some answers soon and hope its your bfp. big hugs.xxxx
  • Hi Kimlou - yeah we will probably carry on regardless but I have a 35/36 day cycle so wont ovulated until CD21 ish so plenty of time. Cant bring myself to BD at the moment just incase theres a shy bean waiting xx
  • Oh honey, you poor thing for feeling like you need to say sorry, of course you dont need to say that. I do have to apologise as i didnt catch this post and i was talking about you having a BFP, i hope it didnt upset you and i cant remember where i posted it. It was me not reading anything, and i hope you werent upset or think it insensitive.

    This whole TTC business is terrible, its so rough as we can normally achieve anything, then all of a sudden something is taken out of our hands completely.

    I really hope you just have a shy bean, like many other ladies have said-its not over until AF shows up.

    x x x x x x x
  • Thanks HF no hun its ok I was upset or anything I really did think I had my BFP but I couldnt see the line for sure it was very very faint and should have got darker by now.

    I am waiting a few more days to see whats happening xx
  • Hi hun i know exactly how you feel, I had the same last month, i could see a line on every hpt i did and then after a few days even dp could see it so unless we were both seeing things there were definately faint lines there. So you get your head round being pregnant, get excited then start to doubt yourself. Its awful.
    I hope that all this does turn into a bfp, my sil was 8 weeks pg before she was confirmed and that was by a blood test because her hormones just refused to show up on a hpt, her little girl is nearly 3 now so its really not over until af turns up gl hunny x
  • There is hope still for sure! I really hope its ur month sparkling xx
  • Hang in there hun there are a few who have shy BFP for some reason. My 1st pg I didnt get a BFP till I was 8 wks pg!!!! That was with af awol for 2 months & BFN's!!!
    Another lady on here who is pg now told me she didnt get a bfp at all with her son!!! She went for scan to find out why she hadnt had AF & they saw a baby instead!!! Imagine that!!.

    Keeping every crossed for you xxx
  • Thanks hun,

    I done a test yday afternoon a SD and thought I could see a shadow of a line, I done a CBD this morning BFN but looked at ydays SD and theres a visible pink line, am thinking now maybe chem pregnancy??

    Fingers crossed its a shy one xx
  • Hi hun, CBD isnt that sensitive so maybe keep with the SD or FRER and see what they come up with?? when you have a clear pos lines maybe then use the CBD??

    I really hope you haven't had a chem pg, keep testing every other day, as some ladies dont get a bfp until a week after their af was due, im sure i even remember someone not getting their bfp until 2 weeks after their bfp. if still nothing in a few days and book a docs appt as some people dont even get a proper bfp on a hpt and can only get a pg confirmed with blood tests....sorry that was all really long winded.

    i really hope you get your bfp soon xx
  • Hi SD, don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said but just please don't give up hope - the signs are all still positive!
    i know you like to keep your tests but i would advise chucking them after the time limit coz its going to be even more confusing if you've got newly visable lines on old tests thrown into the mix too!
    really hope you get a lovely "pregnant" on a CBD soon so its nice and clear for you!
  • Hi everyone, still NO AF and am extremely wet down below have rang the docs they are full!! and I have to try and ring at 8.00am everyday to get an apopointment.

    I am now 3 days late, I am testing tomorrow with a FRER, I did try to test earlier because i thought I needed a pee but there wasnt enough so have wasted a bl**dy test!!

    Am well fed up so either way Ive got a shy bean or maybe at uti?? but its not itchy or smelly or anything (sorry tmi) my pee smells a bit strange and its like a cloudy clear colour!!

    Who else could I tell but you lovely ladies ha ha xx
  • Oh Sparkly Diamond, I am literally keeping everything crossed for you (apart from my legs, otherwise I wont get my BFP!!!!!!):lol:
  • Ha ha like it catherine he he.

    Its just a frustrating time, I feel pregnant have loads of symptoms but not getting a BFP so until then am just waiting x
  • good luck hun i know of two peeps nnow who never had bfp on hpt but were preg so could be ur month still! x
  • Good luck SD-I wish i thought of what Catherine said!! But i really do have everything crossed for you. The fact that AF hasnt turned up really should be good. I hope you just have a little shy bean who will let you know when they are all settled in and comfy!!
    x x x
  • fingers crossed for you hunny x
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