Random friday night chat :D

anyone up for a gossip? about anything really lol


  • What you got in mind?
  • I take it you want to avoid the football? image
  • can never say no to you LB image

    anythng you want chick,doesnt matter if its not about babies or not,just a chin wag on a friday night lol x
  • haha i have the footie on,i actually dnt mind it but its getting a bit annoying now,and id rather have a chat lol

    what everyones plans for the weekend then?
  • :lol: image

    I am soooo fed up of the football and the tennis, i am really getting fed up of them, although Emily (my dd, 18 weeks) loves them! She just stares at the tv when they are on! :lol:

  • hellooo can i gatecrash? image x
  • I am off to an engagement party- do you buy a present or not??? Xx
  • ooohhhh starting on the men already lol :lol:

    Lennon says no daddy not football so its 2 against 1 if hes up lol
  • I am going to the village fete tomorrow (a big event on the social calendar!) and then my hubbys niece's 18th B'day party tomorrow night.

    what has everyone else got planned??
  • erm i think so Mrs cake,we got some but was more money than gifts i think,nice bottle on champagne

    we are going to a vows renewal tomorrow,its called a hand fasting tho,spiritual one,then Sunday recovering and a nice roast lol
  • :lol: @ Lennon image

    We are off to my wee cousin's first birthday party, I am really looking forward to it and have Emily's party dress all picked out, hopefully the weather keeps up!

    Thats a toughy about the engagement pressie, i would be tempted to take a card and a bottle of wine or cheaper champagne. I wouldnt take an expensive present.

  • I think a bottle always goes down well. image

    This our first month ttc so feeling a bit excited and nervous!
  • That sounds lovely Grudie, I looked into that when i got married but just decided to have a normal civil service.

    Oh that reminds me! It's also my second wedding anniversary on Monday image x
  • Thanks ladies! It's really hard to know what the right thing to do is!
  • MrsCake I love your name!
  • we had a spiritualist minister....told me im gonna have 4 kiddies :lol: maybe should have asked him when eh lol,we drank from a loving cup as well and he was funny which was right up our street

    oh yay are you'z going to do anything for it chick? we'l need to arrange another meet eh?

    i like going to things like that wanna be mum,nice community spiritmwe had a big thing last weekend

    where are you in your cycle robin?
  • Hi Grudie

    I'm unsure. Came off pill at the end of May and had my withdrawal bleed stating 3rd June. I am assuming a 28 day cycle until my body shows me different - which it probably will! :lol

    I initially got lots of migraines and headaches and pain but then it stopped. I got what I think is ovulation pains and then have had really bad nausea since.

    We are ttc as soon as I stopped the withdrawal bleed on GPs orders as I have Endometriosis and need to get pg quickly.

    All of the cycle day stuff is very confusing for me at the moment! Not familiar with the jargon yet.image
  • Not got anything planned, hubby is off work, so we might go for a picnic or something. Although i think all our local parks will be busy because the schools have finished up!

    We will need to meet up again, maybe next month? I get paid in the middle of the month, so would be able to go to Edinburgh around then. Although 16th is my birthday, so will prob need to be after then image x
  • Ladybird - hope the park is not too packed and you can enjoy the sunshine.

    Your avatar is really cute, x
  • ah robin you'l soon pick it up,youl even start to refer to the abv's to your OH lol and hel look at you like WHAT??? haha

    sounds like a plan L,im off the end of july,think the last week,will have to look it up,il see C also x
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