Ne 1 Trying for a baby had a bad first birth?

Hey just wondering if ne1 trying had a bad first birth? mine wasnt nice! and just a bit worried about the next 1!! i know that every birth is diff! so i just keep that in my mind!!


  • i ended up with an emergency section after a very long labour with 3 hours of pushing where LO got stuck, i know i will be given the choice of section next time but my recovery was awful aswel with a split wound, rubbish start really, i will have lots of decisions to make althouhg part of me want to try for a vbac x

    edited to say woops not trying right now but sooooon!!!

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  • Mine was not bad but not what I wonted but very long and pushed of about 3 hours also was just about to get toke down for c sec!I still love every min even tho was very sore ( no drugs!) and long just hope next time get to deliever in pool!!!
    Ur right all are diff!!!!
    But it's all worth the gorg wee baby n love takes over the pain!
  • My birth wasn't fabulous, inductions, drips, c sections and infected wounds, it was the aftercare that I found the most distressing and it still upsets me almost a year later.

    This time, when I get my BFP, I'll be prepared and know to speak up sooner and not pretend to be superwoman just to keep up appearances.

    I will def trying things differently this time and the whole experience hasn't put me off at all. Like you say, every birth is different and mine can't be any worse than the first, so things can only go better!!

    Good luck,xx
  • I had my dd 7 months ago and well the birth was very quick,which people think is great. However it wasnt as she came into the world way to quickly before i was fully dilated causing me to have the worst tear possible a 4th degree one! I then ended up going to theatre to be stitched back together leaving my new baby and hubby. It took 3 months until all my stitches had finally gone and recovery was a nightmere really. I was in hospital for 3 days despite my "normal" birth centre delievery with only gas and air, in the end i discharged myself as i had had enough.

    Despite the fact i gave birth with only gas and air i was considering have an epidural next time just so i was less in control and there for less likely to push at the wrong times.however thats a mad idea isnt it? Im just very concerned i will tear again,although research says just because i tore once doesnt mean i would again. I now want a water birth as i dont really want a epidural,i had to have a spinal block when i had surgury afterwards and that was just horrid.
    Holly x
  • That's was worse part forms recovering with bad tear after birth!I to scared that this will happing again and with two hopefuly (if get bfp soon) young children it will hated this stiches n stuff
  • Yeh i had 3rd degree tear! that bit wasnt too bad! they healed fine and quickly! i had to have foreceps, so thats why the tear was worse! its the whole bleeding bit i hated i lost 2 pints of blood! and they just put me on iron tabs after!! as iff i needed conctipation to top it all off with!!!! lol i can laugh at it all now! thankfully!
    i just hope i dont have the same drama!!!
    i also had an irritable uterus! ne one herd of this??? it was strange! insted of having contractions long to short they wer 2-3 minz from the start!! so i have no idea why that happend!!
    never mind roll on the next baby........
  • I had PE and after being induced ended up with an emerg. c/s... Long story short, it was traumatic and we're fortunate DD is alive.... Recovery and bonding was OK though...
    But I know what you mean, I sometimes have 2nd thoughts too... I've talked ot my doc about it already and with my background I've been told I'm already considered high risk so the chances of what happened first time around should be avoided 2nd time (and last time!)...
    Bring on 2nd baby!
  • frillypink
    we must be mad!! what we do 4 these babies!! yeh i bet i will be highrisk 2!! i was last time which ment more doc appointments!! which helps to keep u calm cuz i worry to much!!

    Nice to know there are a few of us warrior's doing it all
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