Upset- do you sometimes feel like life...

is running away from you and passing so quickly. Since we decided to strat trying i am so noticing this. Everone is either getting pregnant or already has children, i feel like i am being left behind and i so just want to be pregnant!!! I keep hearing 'OMG i got pregnant the first month etc' and just think i wish that was me.

Sorry for the whine but hubby is away for a week and AF seems to be making an appearance again!!!!!! I can't believe that in June it will have been one year since we decided to start trying. I honestly thought it would happen within a few months and it really hasnt been that way.

I try to be calm and chilled and relaxed about it all but to be honest everytime AF arrives i am down for a few days before startting it all again.

thanks for listening nobody understands like you all do...


  • Hi hun

    So glad you posted this I feel exactly the same way and feel I will never get pregnant at this rate.

    Everyday someone announces they are pregnant, its all around me and I just have to deal with it.

    I am really down too at the moment just dont know how to pick myself back up but I have my hol to look forward to in 6 weeks so am hoping I will come back with a bun in the oven!!

  • Hi Both,

    I feel exactly the same. We have been trying 11 months now and niavely thought that we would fall pregnant quite quickly. Everyone around us seems to be announcing that they are pregnant, even those who werent trying and we are left behind!!!!
    Sometimes it feels like its never going to happen. I start each month with loads of PMA and then AF arrives and get quite low and lose all hope that we are ever going to get our BFP.
    At least we all have each other to share this with, it can be quite difficult when no-one knows what you are going through. I think even our friends that now we are trying and have children dont relaly understand as they all got pregnant within 3 months and just keep telling us to relax!!!!

  • I know how you feel...since starting ttc it has taken over my life and I honestly thought it would happen a lot quicker. I'm at the point where I can't even look at babies or talk about them, I want one so badly it hurts!
    Trying to stay positive but like you all say, it's sometimes impossible! To top it all off my body has gone crazy and I have no AF now! So if anyone tells me to relax and that 'it will happen when the time is right' I might just spontaneously combust!!!
    Babydust to you
  • I know how u feel too! My 19 yr old sister has managed to 'accidently' get herself pregnant ( she knew the whole time but deliberately kept it a secret till it was too late!!) and 3 of hubbys cousins have all get pregnant after 1 or 2 months of trying!! People keep saying 'Oh dont worry! your time will come!!' its not that simple though whn its u in the situation and i dont think people realise how down we all get about it!xxx
  • Aww huni, i know exactly how u feel. I know that i am lucky enuf to have a beautiful baby boy but it took us nearly 2 years to get him and they were the longest 2 years of my life. My life got put on hold and all i could think about was getting and being preg. U will get there in the end its just the wait is so bloody frustrating.
  • oh guys, that you for this thread.
    Most of you probably don't know me because I haven't been on here much lately...we have been trying for nine cycles and it is sooooo frustrating...really all I can think about...
    and there is my friend who smokes 1 packet of cigarettes a day, lives of crisps and coke and has an alcoholic for a boyfriend and falls pregnant accidentally....and here is my DH forcing down the veg he really hates, we both don't drink...
    sorry for the ramble but i know that you guys understand image

    And SLOW, thank you for posting your story, reading it makes me feel more positive image

    babydust and PMA to all
  • Its 18 months this month and i know exactly how you feel.

    We were just UPSI-ing for a while and i at least hoped that it was because we werent properly we are and im still failing.

    Its so hard, i just stare at pregnant women or cant even look at them as i think im going to cry-im scared of seeing my own neice as i blubbed all over my friends baby when i saw him. At least that was my best friend and she knew exactly how i felt-my SIL is not like that at all!!

    I cant even face some people as they say Oh but i thought you wanted children-as if i lied to them before? I do want children, i just cant do something junkies and school girls can!!

    x xx x
  • heeey image

    Don't feel so upset as we are all here with you feeling exact the same way. Eery month I think its our time but again AF arrives.
    Maybe our babies are meant to be born on 2011image
    I wish we all get our BFP this year ...
  • It is hard isnt it??? I love coming here because you al understand.

    Ok ....................

    i know i should have because i know AF is on her way but

    I POAS this morning (FR) CD29, approx 11 days POV and there is a faint line!?!!?!?!?!?!??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Nearly feel off the toilet seat but i am trying not get excited because i had this last month and turned into a BFN and AF arrived but really hpe this is it!?

    I really hope that it all works out for all of us, its so obvious that we all really want a little baby!!!

    Good luck girls. So just to make sure- i am NOT excited just yet cant cope with that again this month....
  • It is re-assuring to know that everyone on here feels the same way as I do, sometimes I feel I am going slowly mad in my own little world lol. Was sat chilling (as you do on a bank hol monday) watching Jeremy Kyle earlier and a girl got pregnant in a week by accident. Both DH and I looked at each other with a look that just said - How is that fair??!!

    I hope it is all our turn very soon xx
  • Hi it will be a year for us in June too I'm tottaly with all you ladies as well it drives you mad the other week a work colleg brought her new born in to work and it neally killed me I went home wanting one so baddly hope all you lovely ladies get that bfp
  • Hi girls

    I am glad to read that there are other people feeling the same way as me. (If you know what I mean!)
    I am so aware as each month goes by, and I agree with the putting life on hold almost.

    We haven't booked a summer holiday yet as I am praying I will be pg and therefore not really want to fly and put the money towards other baby - related things image

    I had a mc earlier this year and soooo want to be pg by my EDD, not sure how I will get through it without that BFP.

    I agree with trying82, you girls are fab and the support is something I couldn't do without image

    I also agree with Riham, I think we are going to have the most gorgeous 2011 bubbas.

    Love MrsH xxx
  • i am lucky to have 2 girls i do know how you all feel as i don't ov very often we are on month 22 as AF turned up yesterday
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