A little confused!

I am currently 5 dpo of a 28 day cycle and have been having cramping pretty much all day. I have also felt very dizzy all day too. Just wondered whether anyone could enlighten me as to whether these usually occur when you may of conceived? I'm due af next fri (25th) and this wait is killing me!
xxx :\?


  • Hi hun

    Sounds good are you bang on with your dates as symptoms prob wouldnt occur at 5dpo implantation only happens 6-12 dpo.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you

  • Well I think so. I haven't started tracking my Ov date yet. Me and my OH Bd'd 5 days before ov and then on day of when i thought i was ovulating. x
  • ooo em, im due 25th aswell, so we r cycle buddies image yay. im having alot going on down there this month too, so im hopiing we are both lucky this month! fingers crossed for you. ps. ur symptoms sound good to me image
  • Been feelign very dizzy today even when sat down. have felt a bti nauseous and have cramps on left side really low down in the middle almost in my pelvic bone and also a litle back pain i'm currently 8dpo but surely I couldn't be experiencing all this if I was pregnat so early? x
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