my beautiful cervix

Hi girls not sure if you have all seen this web site is was on here a week ago but I just looked at it again and she does not start to OV till day 18/19???

I was getting a bit worried as my cm is just the same as it has been the last three days just creamy and i am meant to be OV this friday??? How fast doe this change from creamy to ewcm?

Sorry for such a question

K xxx


  • hi honey

    i think cm quite quick to change, sorry can't give you a time scale but i know i have noticed changes in one day, infact from one vist to loo to another!

    i think you've got plenty of time for cm to change, oh and well done you for having the guts to look again! i've got a weak stomach and couldn't face that again!!! lol!!!
  • oh wicked I was starting to worry i would be ov later than i first thought. i am also worried i wont OV at all as I only came off the pill just over two weeks ago and am worried about getting my first real AF back.

    I did it at work as i was dying to know god knows if anybody would say anything hee hee it;s really nasty to look at but intresting at the same time lol

    k xxx
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