CD42 - AF Spotting so upset :cry: UPDATE :D

Hi everyone,

Well I really did think I had a BFP but this afternoon I started with af cramps and I have been to the loo and its like a brown/dark red colour so can only assume its AF spotting.

I am so devastated I know I got v.v. faint lines on FR and SD tests but have never had a confirmed BFP, I just dont know why this keeps happening to me I guess when you want something so much you start to think things or assume your pregnant.

I had all the symptoms but sadly it just wasnt meant to be.

I wont be on for a while now so for the rest of you, hope you get a BFP and will catch up with you when I feel ready to return.

Am just so sick of it all right now as with my cycles going irregular and seeing lines and then AF coming who knows whats happening!!

Am sorry to sound like a moaner :lol: its just that I know some women on here have been through a hell of a lot more than what I have and I know we havent been trying for long but for me it feels like a long time.

Anyway GOOD LUCK and BABY DUST to you all xxxxx


UPDATE:- It wasnt AF well am not sure I started spotting and it lasted 5 mins, last night it was like a brownish discharge and today I have had mild cramps and a very pale pink when I wipe. It could be either late implantation or AF.

Am still taking a bit of a break off here but just thought I would update you all, I will be back on at the weekend to let you know either way. image

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  • Oh I'm so sorry it wasn't a BFP. Don't worry about moaning, when you want something so much and it just isn't happening, it's hard. Any one of us would feel the same.

    Hope you feel better soon and are back soon raring to go or pg!

    Take care xxx
  • oh i'm really really sorry
    I had that last month, def faint lines for 4 days and then started a full bleed - but don't give up, you're still only spotting, it's not over until it's over
    you wouldn't be imagining faint lines, it would prob be a chemical pregnancy.
    i really hope this works out for you this month but if not that you get your bfp soon xxx
  • Oh Babe - are you sure it's not implantation. I don't know anything about these things so I am sorry if that's not helpful. You've said you won't be on for a bit - I will miss you. Email me if you want, no pressure if not.
    Take good care of yourself!
    Speak soon,

    Pozzee xxxx

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  • Keep in touch hun xx You never know you might end up getting your BFP because youre not stressing as much? xx
  • I'm so sorry hun I was really hoping for you.

    I hope the time away from here does you some good. As much as I love this site it can be tough reading about others having an easier time. It's also tough reading about those who are having a rougher time cause it makes you feel like you shouldn't be moaning.

    You said you haven't been trying that long, but when you want something this bad every day is harder.

    I hope you're back here soon image
  • aw ss SD image

    I know how you feel, had the exact same feeling when i was at cd80 and BAM! came the AF, i was so gutted and i thought i'd had a shy bean.
    I hope its not a chem pg..... could it possibly be a early pg symptom? loads of people had spotting in 1st trimester.

    Keep the PMA going.

  • lots of (((((hugs))))) coming your way SD take care and don't stay away too long.... destress and come back when you're ready and it will happen for you xxxxxxx
  • (((((((hugs))))))) xxx
  • Take care of yourself and hope to see you back soon, You will get a BFP, we all will......:\)

  • hi thats so sad that ur going for a short while you could still come on and chat if you dont want to post anything about ttc. i know what you mean when you just need a break for a bit, i had a 2 week break without coming on here last month i found it did me reay good and we havent been ttc as much as last month just taking it easy and hoping it will happen. good luck xxx
  • Awww SD, I'm sending you loads of big ((((hugs)))) . Maybe wait a few days and if actual AF doesn't appear test again. When pregnant with dd I never found out until 7 weeks as I got spotting and thought it was af. I hope to see you back soon xxxx
  • sorry this is happing again this month hope it sorts it self out and the next BFP is real sending you loads of big hugs hun (((HUGS)))

  • So sorry to hear that SD. Hope you feel better soon and ready to start again. Thinking of you xxx
  • Fingers are crossed very very tightly SD xxx
  • am so sorry. some time away might help but remember were here if u need us.

  • Hi all

    Thanks for your support I have updated up the top of the page but still stuck in limbo again and had a really crap start to the week too at work so just having a breather will still lurk from time to time but not posting much.

  • SD thanks for the update. Am so pleased that all is not lost. I am going to keep hoping for you. I really, really, really, really, really hope this is your BFP.
  • Hi im still keeping everything crossed for u...iv got a good feeling and im usualy spot on with these things, rest up and hear from u soon xxxxx
  • Aw im sooooo hoping it isnt your AF, Doesnt sound like it. Could be the implantation bleed......The pink colour has got to be a good sign surely :\)

    D'ya know I had to copy and paste your updated part to a word document so i could read it :lol: that silly advert was in the way. hehe

    Keep your chin up, it still might happen, not over yet. Take care of yourself and have plenty of rest.


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  • Good luck SD. Let me and the golden girls know how you're doing! I saw the other threads and immediately thought of you!

    I'm really hoping for you.

    For the first time in a while I feel very down today. I think I've been so 'up' and trying to stay +ve for so long that reality finally kicked me.

    I so hope this is your time hun.

    Baby Dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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