And on to cd1 we go, who's with me..?

Ok here we go again! I know a few lovely ladies that will be joining me on here and I'm looking forward to having a few cycle buddies!
Cd 1 today so due af again until the 29th June.
Babydust to us all, xxx


  • Wildthing, i'm in and probably the same dates as you too! assuming another 28day cycle this month!
  • Oooh and a testing buddy too! Hope this is our month chick xx
  • Despite my symptoms I think I'm joining you too... I've had some strong cramps last night and still going on today although not as bad... Also a wee bit of light blood in cm (sorry tmi) so suspect the ugly visitor will prob. be here tomorrow or if I'm lucky it's nothing and just a small bleed as sometimes happens around what would be AF... If 2morrow is the same as 2day think I'll still do a test just to be sure... I hate this sitting on the fence game...

    GL for June...


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  • im joining you, but my af is now due on the 23rd, and if i dont get it on that day, will be testing on the 25th, praying june will be my month, fingers crossed xx
  • Hey frillypink, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, I hope you won't be a regular on this thread - meant in the nicest possible way! Will be thinking of you.
    Welcome Soap! How long have you been ttc? Hope this is the start of a lucky thread! Xx
  • Thanx WT!

    I'm on the great knicker watch right now and for the last couple of hours, nothing to be seen... fingers crossed the nausea and sore (.)(.) for almost 2 weeks mean something! Def. not something I get every month so trying to keep up the PMA although deep down preparing for the worst - know what I mean? I've been on BE alot today, trying to keep my feet up a bit ...

    How long have you been ttc?

    We've been trying since Sept 09 but only off and on as DH's work schedule overseas is so erratic...

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  • Hi ladies,

    I tested this morn too and bfn! I really thought I was pg but my symptoms were deceiving me! Although AFs not here, she's due tomorrow based on 28 day cycle but I'm on my first cycle post mc so I have no clue when to expect her!!

    Good luck
  • wildthing, well i had the implant out in jan, then in march found out i was pregnant, then had a m/c, so tried again straight away ttc, and its not been good since, my af arrived a week early and i have never have had my periods early. so been ttc 2 months now, ive got two boys, but im with a different partner now, just want our first child together, would complete us, but i know im extremely lucky ive got two gorgeous boys of my own. would be lovely if i could have a baby with my current partner, as we are getting married in 2 years time and havin our own baby would be the icing on the cake, i have to believe that we will get there image x
  • Can i join you too please? Im usually more of a lurker but thought posting might give me a bit of PMA and support! Im on CD 7 but i usually ovulate late, so you will probably all ov before me! Ive been trying since Nov '09 and starting to lose hope, even though I know its still early days from medical point of view!
  • Hi can i join my af came right on time on 30th so very gutted and its due again on 27th im on cd3 today!! I no it sounds daft but my last 2 pgs i was lucky enogh to get pg in the 1st month of ttc so i really thought we had done it again this time!But its not to be YET so good luck girls.
    Luv clare
  • Hey Wildthing, cd29 for me today and not sure if I'm joining you or not yet. She ain't here yet!!! Trying not to get excited as yesterday was a BFN. I'm still thinking about the theory that I have ov'd late. Lots of luck for the forthcoming month ladies. xx
  • Hey!
    Looks like I will be joining you if that's ok? No af yet but bfn today so think she will be here tomorrow.
    Onto month 7 for us! I know how you feel samsa!
    Mrs cake xxx
  • Looks like i might be joining in too. CD 28 today and BFN this morning, 1st month off the pill so not sure when AF due but having cramps but still no AF, hmmm confusing! x
  • frillypink - love 'the great knicker watch' ha ha ha! So true! X
  • Can I join you - CD3 for me today. Testing 30th June if AF can keep herself away from me !

  • LOL - great knicker watch! Love it!

    Big welcome to all you ladies that have joined in this thread! Hope you all get your BFP's in June.
    I've just posted a question which some of you may be able to help me with - I won't repost on here as don't wish to bore you!
  • I'll join you all, CD3 for me. Starting my B6 this month to try and lengthen my LP in the hope that any potential beans stick.

    Wildthing may not be joining us with any luck! x
  • How is everyone today? Hopefully wildthings good luck will all rub off on us this month! I am on cd 9 and really impatient to get going this month. We are going to try every other day until I get a positive and then every day for a few days! Starting tonight! Last month we did the same but then I didnt ov until day 30 and we were exhausted by the end! Hoping to have a shorter cycle this month. Oh the romance of TTC! x
  • Mrs Hobbes nice to see you on here, it's me, MrsC2B!! image xx
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