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hey got my results back today!!!

hey as most of you know i had bloods taken last monday, waited till today.

i received a letter from my doc saying: dear miss ......, i have receieved the results from your recent tests for infetillity. could you please book an appointment to see me, and attend along with your partner. to discuss the results and plan further management. i consult every week day morning and in the afternoon mondays, thursday and friday.

so my mum rings me at work and says hey stac, you have a letter from docs, it looks important (mum dont know what they were for, she just knew i had bloods done for a pain in my stomach) so i said il lread it when i get home. she said no i ll open it can i? i reluctantly said ok go ahead, thinking it said we have ur results come in. so she reads it then asks y im having infetility tests, i had to make up some story that its wrong i just had bloods and maybe its same lab. she believed me.

so i then assume the worst that something is worng, i get upset very upset and am sitting at work crying. they then say do i want ot go home, i said yes. but im bit worried as only been there a month and already had 3 days sick and now this afternoon. but still

so i come home and ring docs to ask if i can get results over the phone then go in tommorrow. the doc (not my normal doc) rings and goes through each test, and NOTHING, NOTHING IS ABNORMAL OR WRONG!!


  • at this point my mum is trying ot find out results, she can kinda hear. so i get off the phone and tell her everything is fine, she starts crying cos she thought i may have ovarian cancer or be infertile, she wants me to have a child and call it Alfie lol . OH hates the name. so i cry again.
    but ALL IS FINE!!!!,

    what do you all think about work? am i asking for trouble after one month or am i ok, if i make sure im not OFF anymore for a long while? im really paniking
  • read this one not other one as i posted twice some how
  • Dont worry bout work hun, if they approach you about it then obviously you'll have to think of something but in the meantime, you should feel nothing but pure relief and excitement! Good luck! amy x
  • Posted on the other one, so will repeat on here...

    Oh my goodness that's awful....and wonderful!!! I can't believe they worded the letter like that. It's obviously just a standard one they send out but reading it, you'd absolutely think something was wrong. I'm so, so pleased for you that all is well, that must be such a relief but wow, you must have been on an emotional rollercoaster!

  • thanks so much. i dont really know how i feel at mo. kinda bit numb at initially thinking sometihng was majorly worng and maybe cant have children but then excited that i can!!!!!!
    my go its so hard tho alot on my mind now
    period is now 3 days late !!!! no af symptoms or pg ones either.
    tested this morning and got BFN.
  • MAYBE ITS STILL TOO EALRY for hcg to show up, or masybe it is actually BFN. god knows
  • hey saint bertie, its not that i dont want my mum to know its just that shes bit over caring, and altho i love her to bits she makes thingsworse. she would go on about it all the time.and the rest of my family would know all my business and id be talk of the family and quite frankly i want my business to myself then when she gets in a bad mood itd be that im being stupid by trying and all that stuff.

    i love my mum but its kinda ill tell ehr what i want her to know. the rest is my business. she can be funny sometimes its kinda if she in good mood then its all good if she in bad mood then im silly for wanting a kid at nearly 20

  • Congrats on the good news.

    If you are late and no sign of AF I suppose all you can do is keep testing and hope HCG is just low.

    Mrs WB xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Congratulations on the good news. Now you know you can conceive at least. Also you may be pregnant at present even if BFN at mo may still be early. Good luck am sending double dose of babydust *****************Filo x
  • thanks, its very encouraging

    baby dust to all
  • great news bout your res, n mom took it well!
    work will be fine, just try not have more time off, if they ask just explain.

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