7 months but I have a mini cupcake!

Hello ladies!

Well after 7 very long months I have finally got my BFP image I found out on Tuesday and have been walking about in a daze ever since! After so many months of BFN you just can't believe that it could be different!

I know a lot of you have already congratulated me on the 6+ thread so thank you!

For those of you who want the details (I always did!)

We followed the SMEP plan roughly in that we BD'ed every other day for a few days before OV and then the day of my positive OPK and two days after. The things we did differently are that OH had been taking a selenium and zinc supplement (baby making bible told us they were super important) and he cut out alcohol totally for about 2 weeks as well as cutting down in general.

In terms of symptoms I just though AF was coming. I had PMS ( which my husband noticed as he does every month so he though we were out) and really bad cramps so much so I though there was no chance at all! The only thing I did notice is that my cervix had gone really high and soft the day my period was due so that was a good sign i suppose image

Thank you all for your support over the last 7 months it is rough old ride!

Lots of baby dust Mrs cake xxxx


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