This Made Me Laff

Hi Ladies, found this on the net, tickled me. BTW, is anyone getting increased mucus yet? Not sure I am..... Just have a runny nose!!! Zxx Just realised posted in wrong place,should have been due in oct - still - its funny, have a giggle. Zxx

You may have been charting your waking temperatures and cervical mucus while trying to conceive. If not, and you find the concept of mucus a bit icky, you'd best get used to it, because it gets worse!! Pregnancy is EXTREMELY biological, and not very glamourous! Anyway, due to the increase in blood flow to the soft tissues of the body, you may well find that not only does your vaginal discharge increase (causing you to leave snail trails all over the place), but also your nasal mucus... Nice. There are some of us who have had a runny nose since conception... It's nothing that can't be dealt with by a panty liner, although blowing your nose on one might get you a few strange looks. As long as the vaginal mucus is clear or white, and doesn't smell nasty, it's nothing to worry about. Just avoid sliding down banisters for a while.

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  • lol, thats quite funny but made me think that i have had a random runny nose since the day after ov. didnt think of it as a
  • Hi angel100, well my cold started about 13dpo, tested at 14dpo with BFP!! Apparantly cold symptoms are quite common in early pregnancy.... Zxx
  • I'm now into symptom spotting overload :roll: but this past few days I'm constantly clearing my throat and my nose has started running today (it is a symptom and NOT because it's freezing ok!! :lolimage hmmm fingers and toes crossed!! xx
  • Ahhhh Huni - my fingers are crossed for you. Zxx
  • Ahhhh Huni - my fingers are crossed for you. Zxx
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